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Planet wall murals are a great decorative idea for anybody who loves striking, original interior design. They will look amazing in modern interiors featuring geometric patterns, modernist furniture, and futuristic accessories. Planetary motives are also fantastic for decorating a child's room. They will stimulate your children's imagination and make them interested in the world and eager to learn new things. The murals will fill their room with fantasy, mystery, and magic. Our internet store offers various designs depicting breathtaking cosmic imagery. A planet Earth mural is an excellent choice for an office – it highlights the global character of your brand and provides a considerable boost of energy for every employee.

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Planet mural in modern interiors

A planet mural can successfully be used to liven up modern and minimalist-style interiors. Celestial bodies on your wall will serve as a sophisticated addition to your living room, especially if the dominant colors of the interior are white and gray. What's more, the planets are a great way to introduce an expressive background for modernist furniture, such as a light-colored corner sofa, couch, or geometric armchairs. Black, the dominant color of most cosmic designs, creates an intriguing contrast when paired with soft colors of different planets. A mural depicting a massive star constellation in the background will provide a magical spark to the interior and emphasize the unique, innovative character of the whole arrangement. Imagine being able to look at the Earth from space without leaving your own living room. Such view will be a marvelous detail, which will add color and mystery to any modern arrangement. Some planet wall murals feature subdued blue color schemes, which work wonders when combined with elegant upholstered furniture and gray floors. This large format decoration is a perfect way to escape everyday life.

Cosmic motives in a futuristic arrangement

There's no better decoration for a futuristic interior than a planet wall mural. This design highlights all the geometric, abstract, and avant-garde accessories by depicting a fragment of outer space with celestial bodies and stars. It's a fantastic way to complement any modern arrangement, e.g. in the high-tech style. It will provide a background for your futuristic gadgets – a designer lamp and unconventional furniture – inspired by science-fiction movies. Planet murals emphasize the overall character of the arrangement and make the interior appear more expressive. All the irregularly-shaped accessories against a cosmic background will create an intriguing living space, conducive to out-of-the-box thinking. Our extraterrestrial murals often feature contrastive and expressive color schemes, which allows them to instantly fill an interior with a blaze of color.

Murals out of this world for a child's room

Next station – planetary decoration (maybe from Mars?) An ideal way to decorate a child's room. Such an image on your child's wall will take them to another dimension and provide amazing ideas for pretend play as it encourages creative thinking. This colorful decoration depicting celestial bodies against a starry sky will change the room into a fairytale spaceship. A planet Earth wall mural looks gorgeous when paired up with wooden beds and furniture, geometric accessories and asymmetric patterns. It will make traditional arrangement more attractive and highlight the charm of modern arrangements. Cosmic views will make your children more eager to discover the secrets of the universe and develop their imagination. And if you don't want to use a large format design, you can always opt for a painting on canvas with the motive of planets and space.

Planet Earth wall mural in your office space

A planet mural can also be used to decorate an office with a bang. The motive will liven up the space and make it more expressive. Planetary designs look wonderful when combined with modern furniture and glass. The captivating graphic design will make the interior more interesting and improve the employees' efficiency. Myloview collection features an innovative take on the planet Earth mural, ideal for decorating a conference hall.