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Have you ever browsed the Internet in search of ideas for a girl's bedroom design only to come to the conclusion that the vast majority of the ideas you've found are pretentious or not in line with your daughter's taste? We totally understand – this is why we have created our own girl's wall stickers! Here you will find hundreds of ideas on how to decorate a girl's bedroom in a stylish and unpretentious way. We know that girls have varied interests, and that is why our wall stickers for a girl's room are also very diverse: both a little horse riding enthusiast and an aspiring mathematician is sure to find something they'll love.

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From princesses, through ponies, to dinosaurs: girl’s wall stickers 

With wall stickers for a girl's room decorating this space of the home has never been so much fun and so interesting. Whether your daughter loves science-fiction movies, dreams of becoming an author or is fascinated by the colorful world of plants, our stickers will help you create a bedroom for her that perfectly reflects her interests, taste and character. 

Decorating a child's bedroom, regardless of whether it belongs to a boy or a girl, is always a challenge. Fortunately, our girl's wall stickers will make an easy job of it – you'll achieve an interior that is not only functional and safe, but also stylish, both from the point of view of its little owner and her parents. Here are a few tips that we hope will help you choose the stickers that are best suited in every respect.

How to choose girl's wall stickers for different ages?

Parents often tell us that they struggle with decorating a room shared by a brother and sister. The truth is, however, that it is often much more difficult to arrange a bedroom shared by two girls (or two boys for that matter – but this is a topic for another guide) of different ages! What seems extremely fashionable to one, may be too childish for the other. And what the older one considers stylish, may be completely uninteresting to the younger one... How to find a happy medium? The best solution is to opt for the most delicate, neutral decorations possible. White walls with light-colored or white furniture are a timeless classic. This delicate, subtle background can be complemented by a variety of decorations, such as wall stickers for girl’s with patterns that never go out of fashion: geometric, floral or botanical motifs, landscapes or typography. This kind of decoration strategy has another advantage, which can be invaluable in a room shared by more than one child: a room arranged in this way will seem larger as the light colors reflect light, creating a more spacious feel.

Wall stickers for a little girl’s room: a fun and functional interior

Sitting down to study and do homework may not be the most enjoyable of daily activities, but if the study corner in the girl's bedroom is arranged creatively, studying may become a little more interesting! Wall stickers for a girl’s room will help you create a space where studying will be easier than ever! Firstly, you can use stickers of this kind to visually separate the desk (or table, armchair or any other piece of furniture that your child uses for studying) from the rest of the room and give this area a calmer character to help your child focus. Secondly, by choosing educational stickers, featuring the map of the world, a times table or even English words, and installing them near the study corner, you will make it much easier for your child to learn this basic information.

In the pink – wall decor stickers for baby girl room

The eternal dilemma of every girl's parent is: do you avoid pink when decorating, even if your daughter insists on it, or give in to your little princess's demands and decorate the whole bedroom various shades of this sweet color? Unfortunately, this is one of the questions to which there is no one good answer, or more to the point: it is one of the questions to which there are as many answers as there are girls. If we may suggest something: decorating an entire interior from top to bottom in pink is one of those ideas that become outdated very quickly – and not simply because of the changing fashion, but because girls grow out of these tastes in the blink of an eye. So if you're looking for a décor that will last at least a few years, it may be a good idea to use our tips for a neutral background as discussed above and add a splash of pink in the form of a bold wall sticker featuring, for example, flowers or even scenes from popular cartoons. The advantage of this wall decor sticker for a girl's room is that not only will it not be as overbearing as larger decorations or pink paint on the walls, but also, if required, it can be easily removed and replaced with another one.