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It would be wrong to assume that sport and art are two completely unrelated disciplines. It's actually the opposite: for millennia sport has been an inspiration for artists all over the world! Sports motives can provide an incredibly fresh, original, and of course dynamic way to decorate an interior. Just look at all the different sports posters available in our collection. We offer images depicting a wide variety of disciplines, from football all the way to such niche sports as curling or synchronized swimming. You can also choose a winter sports poster, a design showing sporting equipment, famous fields, stadiums, or sportspeople.

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Racing style: stylish sports posters for everyone

The connection between sports and art is closer and more ingrained in human tradition than many may think. In ancient Greece, the winners of sports competitions – both the Olympic Games and smaller, local tournaments – were praised by bards and minstrels in poems and their silhouettes were captured in stone by sculptors. Just take a look at the Discobolus of Myron, one of the most famous sculptures of the ancient world! If you're still not convinced, you will be after you take a look at the sports posters in our collection. We've gathered the most interesting, original, stylish, and simply stunning sports-inspired designs that we could find in our enormously vast catalogue (tens of millions of designs are not a joke!) We're fully convinced that whether you need a sports poster to decorate a child's room or a teenager's room, a stylish design to highlight your living room arrangement, or even something more official for your company office, you'll find a product that will fully satisfy your needs! To make things a bit easier, we've prepared a few suggestions on how to use sport-related designs in your original, intriguing arrangement. Ready, set… go!

For a teenage sports fan: vintage sports posters

As a decorative motive, vintage sports posters are very specific and they won't work in every type of interior. On the contrary: we believe that you really have to be careful when choosing a design like this! If you try using them in an unsuitable space… well, instead of serving as decorations they will become an incongruous thorn in your side. Luckily, a teenager's (or an older child's) room is a perfect interior for this type of poster. It will look wonderful on its own, but if you want to go all out, you can use it as one element in a thematic arrangement inspired by a particular sports discipline or sport in general. The interior can for instance be themed after winter sports and decorated with various winter sports posters on the walls.

For a school and sport club: "Sport is health" poster

A sports club is an obvious candidate for hanging some of our sports posters as decorations. Sports clubs, gyms, and fitness clubs often lack decorations, because their owners believe that nobody comes there to look at pictures. That, however, is a common mistake, as a well-chosen sports poster can not only make the interiors appear more interesting, but also provide some much needed motivation for anybody who comes there to train! Nobody can deny the importance of teaching children how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Sport is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to our health, which is why children should be encouraged to be active from an early age. In order to share a bit of this "sports propaganda" among youth, you can hang our "Sport is health" poster in a well-visible, busy place at school. If you're not sure where exactly you should hang it, you can always go the obvious route and put the "Sport is health" poster by the entrance to the school gym, the changing rooms, or the sports field.

For the bedroom and the living room: unusual sports posters

It is said that a true sports fan falls asleep and wakes up thinking about their team. If you can relate to that, our sports posters will definitely make that easier. Our collection includes many elegant and stylish designs, which can easily be used as decorations for the bedroom or the living room! We recommend abstract designs featuring sports equipment (e.g. canary yellow tennis balls, or winter sports posters with skis or ice-skates pattern.) You could also use a photograph of your favorite sportsperson, in order to add some dynamism to your interior without sacrificing style!