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Music murals are a fantastic idea for all music lovers – with just a simple wall decoration you can introduce your favorite musical instrument or the characteristic image of a treble clef into your arrangement. Our collection includes various unique graphics and ornaments. Some of them resemble dazzling oil paintings while others are more reminiscent of subtle watercolors. The music mural with a charming violinist can be used to complement an elegant space filled with chic details, stylized furniture and soft colors. If you visit our online store, you'll also find many expressive images featuring the guitar. Our modern take on music murals is a wonderful option for all fans of rock 'n roll as well as heavier sounds.

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Music murals: the classical charm

Anybody who considers themself a classical music lover will definitely enjoy the motif of instruments on the wall. The subtle musical murals on your wall will highlight the artistic character of your interiors and express your love for the beautiful sounds of the piano or violin. To decorate an artistic space (e.g. of the living room)  filled with vintage details, sculpted forms, and high-quality fabrics, use wall ornaments inspired by the timeless charm of classical music. Our online store also offers a music and dance mural, which depicts various musical instruments against a background of notes. The light colors of this design can become a wonderful match for a stylish sofa with carved legs and decorative details made of marble. The wall decoration will visually enlarge the interior and make it appear more expressive. Our guitar mural, which imitates oil painting, will in turn work wonders when combined with a classic couch, a crystal royal-style chandelier, or wooden details. If you wish to decorate a classic interior, we recommend colorful music murals depicting pianists or violinists. These types of images can create a unique atmosphere in any interior.

A jazzman's room

If your interior is decorated with colorful accessories inspired by New York's Jazz Age, consider using a music mural as an expressive wall decoration. Enhance the atmosphere of the room with awesome music and dance murals depicting black-and-white photographs of a saxophone player or an entire jazz band. You can model your bedroom after American jazz clubs from the 20s and 30s for a breathtaking effect. It will definitely inspire you and make the evenings spent listening to your favorite music much more pleasant. Our collection features many different musical murals showing frames from old musicals or images reminiscent of modern art. Browse through the countless photos and designs and you'll sure to find that perfect wall decoration, which will enhance the atmosphere of your interior and express your love of jazz. The colorful details can also be used to highlight the dominating color scheme and style of your apartment.

Music murals as restaurant decor

Musical wall motifs can be successfully used to decorate various kinds of public places – this naturally includes music classrooms, but also music stores and clubs. Using a music mural you can highlight the character of a given interior and make it appear more attractive in the eyes of potential customers. For music schools, we definitely recommend using various compositions of notes and treble clefs – the motif is also available in a soft, black-and-white version. A sepia mural will match wooden desks and furniture. This design can also be used to highlight the traditional style of interiors featuring colors such as white, brown, or beige. The more subtle designs depicting a gramophone or a rose on top of a note sheet are perfect for elegant cafés, while a guitar mural will look incredible on the wall of a club. For music stores, we recommend modern designs featuring intensive colors and slightly abstract patterns. For example, you can decorate the walls of a record store with an image of butterflies escaping a grand piano. The magical character of this particular design will be a great source of joy for your customers. It will introduce some color into the interior and it matches the theme of your business.