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Desk and table top stickers are a great way to quickly make over old furniture. You can revamp the look of your room without spending money and looking for something new. Use what's already at hand to create a completely new arrangement in your living room, kitchen, or your child's room. You'll be surprised how much you can do with this one detail. Table stickers with geometric patterns, flower ornaments, or natural designs will refresh any old piece of furniture that you've grown bored of over the years. So sit comfortable at your kitchen table and read what to do to ensure an incredible interior makeover!

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Desk stickers for a quick, eco-friendly transformation

What are table stickers? They're a revolution in the world of decorations which allow you to transform a regular, nondescript object into a fashionable example of beautiful design. Seems like a serious, time-consuming endeavor? Bu it's really not! Self-adhesive stickers are a wonderful idea for anybody who likes to instantly see the results of their work and who can't stand arduous renovations. So how exactly does this transformation work? The only thing you have to do is order a sticker design that matches the overall style of your interior. There are plenty of benefits to this idea! You'll gain an original interior decoration and you'll be able to refresh the look of an older piece of furniture. Sadly, even if you're really careful not to damage your furniture, after a few years it just doesn't look as good as it used to when it was new. Desk stickers are like a second life for the trusty objects. They are an easy way to save money but also to be more eco-friendly! Instead of throwing a shabby but functional piece of furniture away, you can upcycle it and continue to use it for many years to come.  

Table stickers for an elegant living room

There are two things that every living room needs – a comfy sofa and a practical table to sit at with family or guests. Spending time with loved ones is a sure source of happiness and joy. However, during social gatherings it's also easy to spill juice or some other beverage or place a hot dish on the table without a coaster. Sometimes children, who are only learning how to use cutlery, can accidentally scratch the table surface as well. Now thanks to one clever solution you don't have to worry about such things. With a suitable table top sticker you can erase any memory and sign of the accidental damage to your furniture. The wide variety of designs available in our store makes it easy to find an appropriate decoration for both modern and traditional living rooms.

The most popular motifs include timeless, geometric patterns in either lively or subtle colors as well as nature-inspired designs, such as green leaves, fluffy dandelions, or colorful butterflies. Of course you don't need to wait until your table gets damaged to decorate it. Thanks to glass table stickers you'll be able to completely change the look of an elegant piece of furniture that became a bit boring.

Kitchen decoration – tasteful table stickers

The kitchen table is even more likely to be damaged than the one in the living room, so a table top sticker will definitely be very helpful here. The durable, waterproof material guarantees that the decoration remains beautiful but also resistant to all kinds of difficult conditions typical for this part of the apartment. In order to find the best design that will create a harmonious whole with the rest of the arrangement you first have to decide whether you prefer one in retro or modern style. One gorgeous idea is a flowery motif similar to old-fashioned ornaments embroidered onto tablecloths and handkerchiefs. This slightly grandma-ish motif will be a perfect choice for a rustic arrangements. You can also use it to balance out a colder, modern interior. Another amazing design is a pattern of energetic citrus fruit, colorful vegetables, or delicious candy that will definitely work up your appetite. And if you wish to transform your modern, plastic table into a traditional wooden piece of furniture, you can easily do that with stickers depicting faux wooden boards natural colors.

Desk stickers for teenagers

During the formative years of our life it is not uncommon to often change interests. That's why, when searching for interior decoration ideas, you should consider those solutions which can quickly be replaced. Desk stickers are a perfect example of such a quick and easy decoration for a teenage room. What are the best designs in this category? The most popular motifs for boys include depictions of vintage or modern cars, black-and-white patterns, or shattered glass imitations. Among more feminine designs we can single out macro photographs of exotic plants, Boho-style ornaments, or colorful, lively mosaics. Desk stickers can completely transform the look of a teenager's room in a flash.