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Since coffee was first introduced in Europe (around the 17th century), this aromatic beverage has gained incredible popularity. Nowadays, it constitutes an integral part of breakfast for many people. However, coffee is also served in many other situations: during social gatherings, as an addition to desserts, or during breaks at work. No wonder that cafés specialized in brewing and serving this beverage are commonplace in every town and city. At Myloview, we decided to see how they would work in the form of decorations, for example as a wall mural. A street café located in a picturesque town square or hidden among old tenement houses is an original motif that will look great on the wall. It is worth finding out what the advantages of each of our café murals are. This decoration guarantees that your home will gain a unique character.

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Stimulating decoration: Murals with a café in the morning sun

Coffee is known for its stimulating properties. A strong espresso can successfully wake you up after a sleepless night or give you energy for a few hours while working on an important project. Wall murals can be as invigorating as coffee itself. A photo of an atmospheric café bathed in the rays of the rising sun will bring warm, vivid colors to any interior. And the energizing and cheerful decor will stimulate you just as effectively as a cup of strong coffee!

An atmospheric combination: wall mural, alleyway, café

The narrow streets of old towns and villages, especially those in Italy, Spain and the Balkans, are usually considered the most picturesque and photogenic. It is in such places that we can find charming cafés with tables outside on the pavement, so that customers can enjoy not only their favorite drink, but also the sunshine and fresh air. At Myloview, we are certain that this picturesque view would be perfect as a wall decoration. A mural depicting a café in a charming little street of a Mediterranean town will look amazing as a decoration in any home.

Parisian wall mural – a French café

Atmospheric street cafés are one of the symbols of the French capital. Many of these places have a long history. Painters, poets and members of the artistic bohemia frequented them. Some French cafés from the turn of the century have retained their unique charm to this day. They are the pride of the people of Paris, but they also delight tourists visiting the city. Decorations with the theme of French cafés also have their own charm. Wall murals are, of course, no exception. A café located at the foot of the Eiffel Tower or another famous French monument is a motif that looks very picturesque both in color and in black and white. Designs of this kind are also very stylish, so they can be successfully used in the kitchen, office and living room. It is worth pointing out that these murals are quite universal. A French café is a motif with a unique charm, which can add interest to your home in an original way.

Picturesque views – Italian café wall mural

Italy is another country that is associated with good coffee. Some of the most popular ways of serving it originate from Italy. It suffices to mention the cappuccinos and espresso coffees served all over the world. Italians consider themselves connoisseurs and gourmets of this aromatic beverage. No wonder that there is no shortage of cafés in Italy – both small ones with outdoor seating and elegant, exclusive establishments. Both these types are featured on Myloview wall decorations. Of all the options available, the Italian café mural is particularly noteworthy – a large format design introduces a lively, cheerful and at the same time slightly lazy atmosphere of a Mediterranean afternoon. We guarantee that in the vicinity of this decoration your favorite coffee will taste delicious!

Graphic decoration: wall mural, café and paints!

Street cafés are decorated in various styles. Some of them are very colorful and cheerful. Thanks to this, they look great not only on photos, but also as illustrations. Places of this type are often associated with artistic activity. At Myloview, we decided to use them as our inspiration! In this way, unique wall murals with direct references to painting have been created.