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Even a cursory review of interior design blogs and magazines will doubtless reveal that typographic posters are currently one of the most popular types of decorations and are used in conjunction with many different styles. It's no wonder: typographic wall posters come in a practically infinite number of varieties, which is why they never get boring. Moreover, they're so universal that they suit all types of interiors! If we also consider the fact that posters in general are a very fashionable and often used decoration, we quickly come to the conclusion that posters with quotes in English or any other language are nothing else but a recipe for success. Still not convinced? We've prepared a few suggestions on how you can use them for decoration!

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A to Z style: a typography poster for every apartment!

Writing is as old as the world itself – well, maybe it's not that old, but it's definitely as old as history, since history began with the invention of writing. Writing is literally thousands of years old! However, if it's really so old, why does it seem that all typographic designs – starting from T-shirts with quotes, through cups and other small objects beautifully ornamented with letters, all the way to typographic posters which we're discussing here today – have only become popular over the last couple of years?

The rise in popularity of the typographic poster and its typographic cousins can be explained in several different ways. Some people believe that typographic wall posters owe their popularity to strong minimalist trends: after all, can you imagine something more minimalistic than black letters on white background? Others point to the general trend for geometric patterns: in fact, letters can be simply seen as slightly more complicated geometric shapes. There are also those who claim that our society have finally become more appreciative of design, which is why we're a bit more sensitive to such minute details as typefaces. Personally, we're of the opinion that regardless of the reason why typographic posters won you over, they're always a good idea! We have a few suggestions as to how you can use them in captivating interior decoration styles.

English typographic posters

As far as posters with quotes are concerned – be it inspiring, romantic, funny, epic, or motivating ones – everything has already been said. There is, however, one trend which is still kicking strong: posters with quotes in English! A poster of this type will look amazing in any interior designed in a tongue-in-cheek style with some sense of humor, regardless if it happens to be the living room, the kitchen, or even the corridor!

What types of interiors are best for typography posters?

The answer is simple: typographic posters work well with any type of interior! Simply pick from among thousands of available designs, and pass it over to us so we can print it for you. The vast variety of posters ensures that you can always choose a design perfectly suitable for the atmosphere of the place you're decorating. We even have a few ideas of our own! Imagine this:

- a romantic shabby-chic style bedroom will look marvelous if you decorate it with a framed typographic poster in a    similarly ethereal and nostalgic style, for example if the poster imitates swirly handwriting;
- a humorous poster in vivid colors will be a wonderful complement for a Scandinavian-style living room;
- a child's bedroom is particularly suitable for this type of decoration: a poster with beautifully inscribed alphabet        letters will not only serve as a decoration, but also facilitate the arduous process of learning the ABCs!

To frame or not to frame a typographic poster?

Once you decide on the design of your typography poster, you'll surely consider whether it's worth to frame it. It definitely is! Although our typographic posters are always printed on high-quality poster paper with the use of the highly durable latex print technology HP Latex, it is the frame which makes it look more elegant and easier to move. The frame protects the poster from soiling and minor damage, thanks to which it can last even longer! The frame makes it easier to hang a poster on a wall or simply put it in any chosen place (if you prefer the casual boho style of decoration.)

Posters for walls: how to match them to your interior

Posters for walls: how to match them to your interior

Wall decorations can completely change our interior, just like furniture. It’s important to remember that, when you’re selecting posters for a wall of your apartment.