Posters for walls: how to match them to your interior

Wall decorations can completely change our interior, just like furniture. It’s important to remember that, when you’re selecting posters for a wall of your apartment. All it takes is to follow a couple of basic rules of interior design to successfully change our interior and avoid distorting the harmony of the interior. A great advantage of custom posters is that we can fit their basic parameters to the preconceived assumptions. It’s worth to take advantage of this option and, before we place our order for ideal graphics, we should determine which motif, size and layout will work best for our home. An additional benefit is the price. Custom posters will cheaply, quickly and safely affect the positive change in every interior.

 Scandinavian typography poster
Scandinavian typography poster -, visualisation prepared by: Adam

Posters for walls: choosing a proper place

Posters hanged too high will overwhelm an interior and will disrupt its proportions. On the other hand, if hanged too low - they won’t be as noticeable and won’t serve their purpose. That’s why it’s best to follow the “museum rule”. We should hang the poster 145 cm measuring from the floor to the middle of the height of the poster. Of course, in a way it’s an individual matter - it’s worth to apply the poster at our eye level. It’s a bit different when we apply a poster over a sofa, a fireplace, in a kitchen by the table or on a wall by the stairs. We have to leave about 10-20 cm of free space between the furniture and the poster. The 145cm rule may also be changed a bit, depending on whether or not we’ll be looking at the posters from a sitting or standing position.

  • Remember about the size ratio
Above all, we should remember about the ratio of poster size to the surface of a wall that it’s supposed to be applied on. It’s best to use maths and try to not only estimate, but also to calculate the desired size. We can to that by multiplying the width of a wall by 0,57. The obtained number is a perfect, model width of the graphic, and we have to remember it  while selecting custom posters. The selected space can also be taken by a composition made of couple of smaller posters, but we have to remember not to go outside of it’s borders.
  • Proportions are important

We shouldn’t allow large custom posters to overwhelm the room or, on the contrary- to be dominated by appliances and furnishing placed in an interior. While selecting a custom posters, we can choose not only a graphic motif, but also the size. What’s important: if we have a lot of appliances, adornments, furniture and knickknacks in our apartment, it’s better not to choose small decorations. Together with other elements, they will create a feeling of disarray, chaos. In case like this, the best will be large custom posters. They will attract the eye by creating a central point of the decor and will be a natural support for out sight.

Personalised office poster in frame
Personalised office poster in frame -, visualisation prepared by: Adam

Poster decoration ideas: planning a composition

If we’re planning to decorate an empty wall with couple of posters, it’s worth to plan their setting. The latest trend are custom posters in various sizes, placed in simple, single-colored frames. In interiors that are in need of harmony, it’s worth to hang them in one like in a way, that it goes through the middle of every poster. Such composition will organise the space. If you have a different vision, it’s worth to try it out in various configurations by laying the posters out on the floor.

Personalised poster with text
Personalised poster with text can be a huge motivation -, visualisation prepared by: Adam

Composition of couple of posters

Give an opportunity to assemble visually and style-wise convergent graphics, that will perfectly fit one another. But what about projects, which seems to be completely different? Can we use them to create an aesthetic composition, that will additionally attract the eye? The answer is “yes”, if we’ll take under consideration the following rules. When selecting custom posters, let’s choose the one that will be the central point of the composition. It could be one of the large custom posters or posters with an interesting color scheme. What is important, is that we remember about even spaces between further elements. The most interesting posters, or the ones that we’d especially like to exhibit, should be placed on the right side, upper part of the composition. The darkest and biggest ones would be hanged in the left lower corner. Cheap custom posters will change out interiors in a blink of an eye.