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Rose stickers are incredibly beautiful, but more importantly bold decorative choices. They allow you to easily highlight the distinctive, romantic character of your interiors. Roses are suitable for many decorative styles, which makes it possible to create many diverse, esthetic arrangements featuring the queen of all flowers. Rose wall stickers from Myloview come in a plethora of colors and designs so that anybody can find something special for themselves! Whether you're looking for a romantic, feminine decoration or an esthetic addition to a family home, you're in the right place. 

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Rose stickers. Sensual decorations not only for femmes fatales

If flowers had a social hierarchy, the rose would most definitely be their queen. With its timeless beauty, intoxicating smell, and the saturated red or subtle pink color the rose puts the rest of the natural world to shame in an act of unpretentious boldness. It's no wonder that the image and smell of roses is so widely used in the beauty and fashion industries as well as… the world of interior design. Today we'd like to focus on that last point and show you something truly special! Take a look at the beautiful rose stickers which can fill your home with a unique, sensual atmosphere. 

Rose wall stickers – a daring idea for the living room

Flowers are similar to women in many aspects: some may be shy and delicate, others passionate and impulsive. If a rose became a woman, she would most definitely be a femme fatale: incredibly beautiful but could really hurt you if you came too close. If that mental image appeals to you, you'll also enjoy the ideas for rose-inspired interior decorations. Rose stickers are great e.g. for decorating the living room, where they'll be visible for all guests. Every decoration you choose speaks of your character. If you want to highlight your romantic side, rose stickers are perfect for you.

This type of decoration definitely requires a healthy dose of boldness but most importantly some decorative awareness. Contrary to popular belief, rose wall stickers are quite demanding decorative elements (especially if you want to use the classic, saturated red roses.) Why is that? Because they have to match the overall arrangement of the interior, and that's often easier said than done! Naturally, you can approach the issue from another angle and choose a decoration which will complement the existing style of your living room. It's all about harmony and a dazzling effect. As far as the expressive rose stickers are concerned, you can successfully match them with red furniture and white walls, as well as shiny, modern materials, such as black laminated tables and cabinets.

Rose stickers for the bedroom – stunning beauty in a private setting

When discussing all things sensual and romantic, we cannot forget about the bedroomThe character of this room makes it the best possible place to use rose wall stickers. It's also an interior where you can really go wild, especially if you have a lot of space. Choose a few photographs and graphic designs featuring crimson red roses and surround them with darker colors and intriguing, geometric accents (e.g. a modern lamp, interesting statuettes on the shelves, etc.) If you prefer rose wall stickers depicting more subtle colors, such as tea or powder pink roses, go for brighter colors and nature-inspired decorations. Consider using wood, stone, or brick accessories. The walls could be painted with warm colors or white.

Rose of the Winds sticker for a younger (or older) adventure seeker

You might not be aware that roses are more than just flowers. If you talked to an old sailor, he would definitely tell you about another meaning of the word, namely the Rose of the Winds. This mysterious term is nothing more than just a compass face divided by overlapping diamonds, which create the shape of a rose. The windrose sticker depicts an image used on old nautical maps used by seamen even before the spread of magnetic compasses. A windrose, sometimes also referred to as compass rose, is a graphic representation of statistical speed and direction of wind currents all over the world. This "cheat sheet" is now commonly used by meteorologists, though it is definitely useful for contemporary sailors as well. A rose of the winds sticker can therefore serve as a perfect decoration for a young adventurer who dreams of becoming a sailor one day. Maybe it will help them learn how to read these types of diagrams? It could even inspire them to pursue a career in meteorology. The sticker can be combined with other travel-inspired interior decorations, such as a globe, historical map posters, or photographs of world's most interesting landmarks.