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The history of motorcycles has started 120 years ago. The first motorbike was constructed by the end of the XIX century in 1895 by accident, so to speak. It’s creators were Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach. The machine they’ve constructed was made of wood with maximum speed of about 12 km/h, but what’s more important is that it was created just to test the newest model of single cylinder, found-cycle engine, and the wooden frame was just an addition. But, as it turned out, this seemingly negligible detail became an extremely important invention, that has revolutionized the world of motorization. While looking through motorcycle murals, you can find a very wide selection of designs. Thanks to that, we can find morotbike murals that will fit both, classic and modern interiors.
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A mural with a stylish motorcycle

A retro interior- for a classic, toned room the best idea will be a motorcycle mural with a vintage vehicle. If you’re a fan of classic motorization, and your living room is decorated in a post-war style, then images of old vehicles will be a great choice. A motorcycle wallpaper with an Indian, Boss Hoss, or Harley-Davidson will create a corresponding whole with the vintage climate that dominates your interior. Also, a great decoration would be motorcycle murals with a Vespa. This classic vehicle will look great in a feminine, romantic living room. An image of a Vespa on a black and white photo will be a subtle, but expressive element of decoration. And if your living room’s decor is inspired by the aesthetics of the 50’s and 60’s, then a good choice would be a cartoon motorcycles mural in pop-art style. Motorcycles in style of comic book vehicles, or old advertising posters will be an original and impressive interior decoration.

Sport bike wallpaper 

A modern living room - a minimalist decor, toned colors and industrial accessories are a great company for a BMW motorcycle wallpaper. Whether we want to keep a monochromatic decor, or wish to add more energy our interior, we can select different types of murals. If we enjoy minimalist décor, not only in terms of furniture and accessories selection, but also colors, it’s worth to choose Yamaha motorcycle wallpapers in black-and-white. Black, shiny motorcycles on a dark background will look great when applied to uncovered brick walls. On the other hand, a shiny, chrome parts are a perfect complement to industrial interior details - metal lamps, uncovered fragments of installations or steel construction elements of the room. But, if you wish to add more energy to your interior, a motorbike wall art with sport bikes in intensive, bright colors will be just what you need

Motorcycle mural in a teen’s room

If your child is not just a fan of motorcycles, but also of cult movies where the main character travels the world on a bike, then a motorcycle mural for a teen's room is the best choice. „Easy Rider”, „Terminator 2”, „Ghost Rider” and „Matrix” are just some of the examples, since the list goes on forever. 3d motorbike murals will not only be a perfect reference to your child’s favourite movie. The three dimensional effect will make even the smallest room look much bigger than it really is. It’s an easy trick, that will make every teen satisfied.

3d motorcycle murals in office

Motorcycle wallpaper is also a great decoration of a toned office. If you love motorcycles, then such a mural will make the time you spend at work become much more pleasant. While decorating such space, it’s worth to choose motorbike murals in bright, intensive colors.