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Ahoy, adventure! Today we will take a trip across the seas and oceans to find inspiration for creating stunning arrangements. There will be maritime-themed stickers on the horizon. Ships and boats will help us create a pleasant summer holiday atmosphere in your interior, to give you that carefree feeling every day. This theme, however, works great not only in your home. If you run a coastal restaurant, you need decorative elements that create the right atmosphere to make the food taste even better. It is not only the variety of designs that deserves attention. Quick and easy installation is a significant advantage, which is a characteristic of each of our wall stickers. An image of a ship will decorate your interior in no time at all and with minimal effort.

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A sea wolf's living room – maritime accents in interior design

You don't have to live by the sea to decorate your living room in maritime style. If you love the coast, big yachts or small sailboats and you would spend your life at sea if you could, why not use your passion as inspiration for decorating your interior. If you choose the right solutions, it won't take much effort. A practical wall sticker is a perfect example. Ships are one of those decorative motifs that allow you to create a coastal feel in your living room, and being easy to install, they make working on the makeover a pleasure. Now all you have to do is choose the right pattern. The best way is to follow the style your living room is decorated in. If you opted for the Scandinavian style, choose a ship depicted against a backdrop of snow-covered Norwegian mountains, and if your interior is industrial in style, the ideal solution will be a ship entering a shipyard full of cranes and powerful machinery. By choosing a sticker that suits your living room in terms of style, you can be sure that you will create a harmonious, great looking décor.

Impressive maritime stickers – ships in the bathroom décor

How about a quick bathroom makeover? All you need is waterproof stickers. Ships, reminiscent of a seaside holiday, will be perfect in the arrangement of this room. This solution will allow you to enjoy not only a spectacular room decoration, but also an optical illusion of more space. Placing a picturesque image of the sea with a drifting ship on your wall will create an impression of additional depth. It is a clever way to completely change the character of your bathroom without embarking on a major project. This sticker applied to the wall can also be complemented by other maritime accents. If you have free space on the wall, hang a poster with an anchor or drawings of fish native to the Baltic Sea. Other options include towels, shower curtains or soap dishes with sea-themed motifs.

Stickers ideal for a coastal tavern – ships in a seaside restaurant

In a restaurant, good food is the most important thing. Without an excellent chef, it is impossible to create a place that will draw guests. However, it is also worth noting that the second, after the menu, important element of each catering establishment is its appearance. In the case of a restaurant that specializes in specific dishes it is particularly important as the right decor can express its unique character. This is particularly true in the case of a seaside tavern. Eye-catching stickers – ships presented against a backdrop of the sea, exclusive yachts or fishing boats – will help your guests feel the seaside atmosphere before their appetizing dishes land on their table. If you top it up with authentic fishing nets hung on the walls and decorate the interior with antique ship elements, your success is guaranteed!

Sea wall sticker – a pirate ship in a child's room

Sea accents are also an original idea for decorating a children's room. If our child loves playing on the beach and swimming, and is fascinated with big ships, a cartoon-style maritime wall sticker is a must for the arrangement of their bedroom. Pirate ships with a scary black flag are sure to appeal to young adventurers and treasure hunters. However, if you want to create a decor with a slightly gentler character, choose a colorful ship with a blue sky, screeching seagulls hovering above the water and a white-and-red lighthouse as a background.  A room decorated in this way can be complemented by a model of a ship, placed in a glass bottle, or, in the case of a younger child, fun soft toys in the shape of octopus and fish.