Canvas prints by interior - Boy's room

Boys, and not just the little ones, typically have a very clear vision of how they want their room to look. They know what colors they like, what type of theme will be appropriate, what decorations will make other boys jealous of them, and which of those school hallway decorations have been unfashionable for years. When choosing canvas prints for a boy’s room, feel free to let your youngster’s imagination run wild. You, in turn, will surely appreciate that our canvas prints for a boy are decorations that are great value for the money! We’ve prepared a handful of inspirations for you which – we hope – will help you pick the best canvas prints for a boy to create a truly unique interior.

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His room: canvas prints for a boy’s room

For kids, one’s room is more than just a place to sleep: it’s a place to do their homework, to read, rest, hang out with friends, dream, and be creative… Adults have a separate room for each of these activities, but children have to manage with just one! Fortunately, there are many ways to ensure this space not only looks great, but also meets all the needs a young person might have.

Looking for inspiration to decorate your boy’s room in an interesting way? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve prepared a few ideas for you that make use of canvas prints for the wall of a boy’s room to create a one-of-a-kind arrangement that is both decorative and remarkably functional. There’s more out there than just blue: read ahead to see the multitude of impressions you can make! And take advantage of the opportunity while you can – when your boy’s room turns into a teenager’s room, you are not going to have much of a say about its décor…

Use canvas prints for boys as a color accent

Blue is the color traditionally used when decorating a room for a boy, but one shouldn’t be limited to it unless it’s the youngster’s favorite color. A much better idea is to go for a more interesting palette, one that’d be easy to create with the use of carefully selected canvas prints for a boy. How to go about doing this? There are two popular – and extreme – ways, the first being to use neutral tones as a background (as for example on walls and floors) and then to complement them with vivid accents, canvas prints for a boy’s room being precisely one such option, in addition to colorful fabrics, toys, and other such things. The second way is to do precisely the opposite: create total color anarchy! Lively, juicy hues not only brighten up a room, they also give it a one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

Leitmotif? No problem!

If you are planning to create a thematic theme in your youngster’s room, something inspired by what he loves, whether it be basketball, dinosaurs, or happy animals, canvas prints for boys’ walls are definitely the easiest way to achieve the desired effect! Go with one large canvas print for a boy’s room (or a few small ones) decorated with whatever motif you desire and hang it in a highly visible spot. Add other decorations and gadgets connected with the theme and – Voilà!

Place canvas prints for a boy’s room where they will make the greatest impression

How to go about choosing the best place for a canvas print? In a kids room, there are a few candidates. The frontrunners include the area around the desk, bed, and (if they exist) the reading chair or play area, as these are the most important spots in this space and thus naturally attract our eyes. Because we’re talking about a kids room, you should remember the rule of thumb that canvas prints should be hung more or less even with one’s line of sight – and then make adjustments according to the child’s height. However, we do not recommend hanging canvas prints for boys’ rooms exactly at the height of the child’s eyes – it will look strange and the child will too easily knock them down, for instance while they play. A much better idea is to simply hang them a little bit lower than usual.

Why choose our boys canvas prints?

There are a thousand and one reasons why our canvas prints for a boy’s room have no equals among other decorations of this kind, but we have our two favorites. The first is that we have a truly tremendous number of designs you can choose from. It doesn’t matter if your boy loves old cars, modern dance, playing guitar, or pirates: in our catalogue you’ll find dozens if not hundreds of designs that he will delight in. The second reason is one that especially speaks to parents: our canvas prints for a boy’s room are made with the utmost attention to quality, and – above all – durability. We use modern, sturdy canvases on which we make an imprint with the use of HP Latex technology, and this makes the canvas print not only look exactly as it does in our catalogue – it guarantees that its beautiful, fresh appearance will last for years – even in spots that are exposed to a lot of sunlight. What’s more, every canvas print can be framed, which adds extra charm and ensures it will look even more original.