Murals by category - Butterflies

Butterflies are truly wonderful little creatures… no, wait a moment. Can we say that they’re “little creatures”, if the biggest of them can outgrow some species of birds? The wingspan of some species can reach up to 30 cm (almost 12 inches)! For an insect, that’s almost an unimaginably huge size. So, let’s scratch “small” and start again: butterflies are wonderful, but mainly it’s their beauty that takes our breath away. There’s something magical in observing a butterfly that has landed on a flower and, depends on whether it’s closed or opened its wings, looks either like an interesting piece of dried leaf or iridescent rainbow that became alive. No wonder that our butterfly murals are so popular!

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Butterfly murals are better than the real ones?

Ok, fine. Maybe not better… But you have to admit that in some sense a mural is superior to its insect prototype. Butterflies, although beautiful, are very fragile and delicate: the lightest touch makes the tiny, colorful scales fall off their wings - and that is a true tragedy for a butterfly, since this kind of damage makes flying difficult and that, in the ruthless world of nature, means a certain death. In comparison, a butterfly wallpaper is basically unbreakable: it won’t get damaged by touch (which can turn out useful in apartments where children live), but also other harmful factors, such as being exposed to intensive sunlight, high temperature and air moisture. Our butterfly murals for walls are so durable, that you can even wash them - all it takes is to lightly rub the stained spot with a damp cloth or sponge.

Butterflies murals in a child’s room

Many people, when they first hear about butterfly designs, think about child’s room decoration. And they are right, such colorful and adorable motif will fit such room perfectly! You don’t need many decorations when you choose a butterfly wallpaper: it can “make” a whole decor by itself! Our murals will also be great for a child’s room because they are washable - and in this case, as we’ve already mentioned, it can basically prove necessary…

Which interior should we decorate with a butterfly wallpaper?

Colorful butterfly wings (of course, in cruelty free version: no insects were harmed in the making of our wall murals!) can be a cute decoration of various interiors - both private ones as well as public company offices. What should you pay close attention to, while selecting a motif? We have a couple of tips for you!

  • In interior décor, the color scheme is the key element. If you’re considering butterfly murals, then we can assume that you’re a person who enjoys colorful decorations. Interiors heavily decorated with various appliances and knickknacks are best to decorate with butterflies murals in shades of white, or the ones that have just one, big butterfly (and not a swarm of insects in various shapes and colors). Thanks to that, you will avoid the impression of color overload.  In case of minimalistically decorated interiors, or any other “economic” decors, like Scandinavian style, it’s completely the other way around: here, you can go crazy with patterns, and your interior will thank you for that!

  • One butterfly or an entire swarm? The key point are proportions. If you’ll decorate a very small interior - for example, a typical bathroom - with a mural with a huge macro photo of a butterfly, you will overwhelm your interior, as it will seem much smaller.  On the other hand, it you’ll choose a butterfly mural with tiny, subtle insects, it won’t be expressive enough to create a strong effect in a very spacy interior. Harmony is very important!

  • Bright or dark? This is where the size of interior comes into play: most of interior designers advise against decorating walls of small rooms with dark shades, because they can optically reduce their size.

Wallpaper butterflies on black background, as beautiful as it looks, is not a good choice for a narrow hall. So, if you want to increase the size of your interior, choose wall murals kept in a bright, maybe even pastel, color scheme: bright colors and butterfly pattern will give lightness to every space, even the smallest one!