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You don’t have to be an entomologist to agree that butterflies are the most beautiful insects. Their colorful wings look like something straight out of a fairy tale – it’s no wonder that they’re often called flying flowers. A mural with butterflies will fill every type of interior with rainbow colors, lightness, and charm. Even though butterflies are usually associated with the lavish Baroque style, they still look great in many different arrangements – and not only in the form of a small picture or poster but also as a larger decorations. Butterfly murals are extremely diverse, colorful, and subtle, so it’s no surprise that they can look great in any type of interior.

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Subtle butterfly murals as a decorative motif

Butterflies are extraordinary creatures that are known for their breathtaking beauty. There's something truly magical about watching a butterfly land on a flower or a leaf. It doesn’t matter whether their wings are folded or spread, butterflies always look absolutely beautiful. That's exactly why we’re positive that the different depictions of these insects in our colorful butterfly wall murals will prove to be equally delightful!

Butterfly mural – an ideal decoration for a little girl’s room

Looking at a butterfly pattern many people think first and foremost of decorating a nursery – and rightly so! These gorgeous, colorful patterns will look ideal in a child’s room! What’s more, you can always go a step further than just a pretty insect print. Consider for instance a 3D butterfly mural, which will look absolutely stunning in a girl's room! It’ll surprise not only a small child but also a teenager – this mural can grow together with the little owner of the room!

It’s also worth noting that the butterfly wall mural is almost completely impervious to wear and tear: It’s unaffected by scratches and other harmful factors, such as exposure to strong sunlight, higher temperature, or moisture in the air. Our murals are so durable that you can even wash them – you just have to gently wipe the dirty spot with a slightly wet cloth or sponge.

How to choose the right mural for an interior?

Colorful butterfly wings are an adorable decorative motif that can be used to adorn different kinds of interiors – both private and corporate. What should you consider when choosing a design? Well, we’ve got a couple of useful tips for you!

If you’re thinking about using butterfly murals for decoration, remember that with this motif the color scheme is extremely crucial. We assume that you’re already a fan of colorful decorations, since butterflies are extremely colorful insects. However, you should be careful with colors. If an interior is cluttered with different appliances and various knick-knacks, it will be better to decorate it with a white mural or one that depicts only one big butterfly. That way, the interior won't look motley and the colors won't be overwhelming. However, it's a completely different story if you're dealing with sparingly decorated or minimalist interiors, for example in Scandinavian style. Here you can go wild with the patterns because the more the better!

One butterfly or a flutter? The proportions are key here. If you’re decorating a very small interior – for instance a typical tiny bathroom – using a mural with a huge macro photograph of a butterfly might overwhelm the space because it’ll look even smaller when compared with the mural. It works the same the other way round: a mural with tiny, subtle insects won’t look expressive enough to create a powerful effect in a very spacious interior. Harmony is crucial!

Lighter or darker motifs? The size of the interior is also important in this case. Most interior designers advise against decorating the walls of small rooms with dark colors because it makes the space look much smaller than it really is. No matter how beautiful our mural with butterflies on a black background is, using it to decorate a narrow hallway is definitely not a good idea. If you want to optically enlarge the space, try using a 3D butterfly mural in a light or pastel color scheme that will brighten up any interior, even the smallest ones!