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Tigers, one of the most predatory and independent animals, have always fascinated humans. In Chinese medicine their fangs and other body parts were perceived as amulets and medication. But that’s not all. A tiger is also one of the animals of Chinese zodiac and is very important in Far East cultures. It symbolizes power and have a protective function. According to folk beliefs, an image of a tiger drawn on door frames was supposed to protect peoples’ houses from evil spirits. How to apply tiger murals into modern interiors in Ethnic style?
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Tiger mural and interior’s color scheme

Mural with tiger will fit interiors dominated by warm, natural colors: bronze, gold, ochre, greens. Such is the case with Bengal tiger mural, a decoration with an image of the most popular kind of tigers. This species is characterized by its copper, red or yellow fur with black stripes. We can’t forget that tigers differ in terms of the color of their coats. A bit less frequent color variant of tiger, is white tiger. White tiger mural is a very popular motif. They are known for their white or crème-colored coats, thus the color scheme of accessories and furnishing should lean towards cooler shades. A good choice will be furniture made of naturally bright or white-painted wood. Various shades of gray, black and blue will fit nicely, too. White tiger mural often shows those animals in macro-scale. It will create a very unique, exotic and striking visual effect in your living room or bedroom.

Tiger mural and other accessories

Ethnic style may seem a bit overwhelming, since it’s based on expressive furniture and strong accessories. It consists of elements made of exotic wood, rattan, wicker or bamboo. Textiles and textures in ethnic style are very diverse and strongly patterned. So are the curtains, blankets, upholstery, pillow cases: brilliantly colourful and combining various motifs and designs. Tiger mural may seem a bit too ornamental and expressive for this kind of interior, but nothing’s farther from the truth. It’s the plurality of details that create ethnic style and determines it’s originality. Just as any interior design based on folklore, ethnic style may be seen as not very tasteful. But it’s not about the elegance, but the harmony of textures, colors and furniture. They will create an original, cozy and very personal space that will go against standard furniture and accessories that can be found in almost every apartment.

Environment-friendly tiger mural

Tiger wallpaper is a design inspired by nature. Not by the familiar and tamed nature, but the strange and wild one. The one that kept it’s exotic features and unavailability. Tiger is an animal that in our part of the globe can only be seen in a zoo. Because of that, a tiger wallpaper may be either a representation of our dreams of far-away travels or a memory of the ones we’ve already completed. It’s a good fit for apartments of globetrotters and people who miss the sight of exotic and wild lands. Tiger mural is one of great choices for Orient-inspired apartment decors. Because of tiger’s role in folklore as the guardian of homes and safety, a tiger wallpaper will appeal to people who decorate their apartments according to the rules of Feng shui, the ancient art of arranging interiors in harmony with nature.