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A source of calm and peace: lavender wallpaper

Lavender reminds us of Provence, sun, nature and magic of aromatic herbs. No wonder, that a Provençal style of interior designing has been enjoying it’s growing popularity for quite some time now - it combines a French charm and romanticism. Interiors that you’ll decorate with lavender motif will gain a graceful look and unique atmosphere, so characteristic for the south of France. Wood, ceramics, chalky white, and in the middle of it all - a purple, flowery accent. Such arrangement is sure to impress. So, how to decorate an interior to give it a Provencal style and emphasize the beauty of stylish accessories? All it takes, is to integrate an expressive, decorative detail into your space. A lavender wallpaper will be perfect for this job. Such decoration will be an ideal complement of a Provencal, rustic and classic interior. We’d like to present you with some ideas and inspitations to help you smuggle some of the lavender fields charm to your interiors. 

Lavender field wallpaperLavender field wallpaper - Myloview.com, inspiration prepared by: Adam

Lavender wall mural 

Lavender is a perfect cure for the blues. Specially prepared lavender tea have healing properties - it helps you relax. The flowers are also used in cosmetics. Probably all of us, ladies, had a chance to test some of the scented creams and balms :). Lavender can also decorate gardens and balconies, while being a great showcase of our houses and apartments. This plant looks beautiful because of it’s shapely petals and lush flowers. Thanks to them, a lavender wall mural can be an effective decoration that will move the garden touch into your interior. A flowery picture will give your interior an elegant look and fancy character. Purple has relaxing properties, that’s why a lavender wallpaper can be successfully used as a decoration of a bedroom and living room.

Provencal arrangements

Wallpaper lavender fields will be a great complement of an interior with a Provencal atmosphere. A wall decoration will bring positive emotions. Lavender flowers reminds us of summer, warmth, magic of nature and, what's most important - a subtle charm of Southern France.

  • A lavender wallpaper will create a unique atmosphere in your living room - it will nicely fit accessories inspired by nature, and details made of natural materials - brick, sandstone, stone and wood.
  • A bright interior will gain on an expressive detail if you’ll choose a lavender wall mural in form of an inspiring landscape.
  • A sunny and colorful wall decoration will provide your living room with a very cosy look, and it will emphasize the beauty of characteristic elements of the decor - decorations made with decoupage, stylised wooden furniture and romantic accessories, frames with pictures, mirrors in carved frames and climatic lanterns.
  • Wallpaper lavender fields will surely look great in an interior kept in Provencal style - it will emphasize the beauty of ceramic vases with dried flowers, wickerwork baskets and wooden details. A decoration will give your interior an idyllic, fairytale look, and if you’ll scatter around it a couple of special packets of dried lavender to make your room will up with it’s scent, your living room will surely become a “soul” of your house.

Wall mural with lavender flowersWall mural with lavender flowers - Myloview.com, inspiration prepared by: Adam

Lavender color wallpaper in a rustic interior

An idyllic character can be easily applied to your interiors with help of wooden carved furniture and fitting decorations - antique lampshades, fold patterns and flowers. A rural arrangement will gain a unique climate if you’ll emphasize the beauty of used details with help of a lavender field wallpaper. A special background will allow you to keep the decor in a style of your choosing, and graceful flowers will surely improve your space. A lavender detail will look great in an interior dominated by pastels and various shades of white - from chalky to snow. Wallpaper lavender on wooden planks will allow you to create an intriguing contrast and will bring out the magic out of a rustic living room, so characteristic of cosy and idyllic arrangements. In our collection, you will find various murals with lavender and Provencal landscapes - they will create a wonderful atmosphere in your interior. Flowers on a blurred, purple background will work great in a rustic kitchen. A lavender wallpaper can be fitted between a sideboard and cabinets. A wall decoration will enliven an interior and will give it an expressive look. Lavender wall mural will look beautiful together with bright furniture and cream-colored, ceramic accessories.

Purple color in an elegant interior: lavender wall mural

Purple is one of the dimmed and subtle colors - it’s created by combining blue and red. But the dimmed character doesn’t take away it’s beauty - quite the contrary. Lavender color is seen as very elegant and it’s calming nature is just another argument for using it in a decor of our interiors. Purple helps us relax - it harmonises an interior and makes it more graceful. Lavender is a fancy and artful color, that’s why it will perfectly fit a glamour styled interiors. With help of wall decoration with flowery design, you will successfully emphasize purple accessories. Remember, that this type of color will look best when paired with white. We suggest complementing the decor with white and cream colored details and a lavender wall mural with white or purple background. In our collection, you will find a mural with a sunset over lavender fields - it will bring to your interior charm and romanticism. Lavender color wallpaper with a foggy background will make your room look sophisticated and magical, ale will give it a dreamy character

Lavender wall mural for bathroomLavender wall mural for bathroom - Myloview.pl, inspiration prepared by: Adam

A lavender detail

Lavender will surely find purpose in apartments dominated by purple accents and details inspired by nature. Remember, that you don’t have to completely change your decor to achieve a satisfying result. You can completely change it with help of just couple of crucial details :) Lavender pillows, purple candle holders an wispy curtains will look great when complemented by a flowery accent applied to a wall - a lavender wallpaper or an effective canvas prints will do the trick.

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