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Ombré sky wall mural

Ombré sky wall mural

Photo number: #28172379
Material: Vinyl wall mural
Dimensions: 100 x 100 in (width x height)
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Blue, blue sky, take me high…

Sky blue is a graceful colour – it’s associated with freshness, lightness and optimism. No wonder it’s so popular in the Mediterranean! By introducing this colour into your room, every day will feel like a happy Greek holiday! A properly implemented wall mural can make any interior feel more unique.

There are a thousand different ways to use light blue in décor. The hue matches various types of furniture and makes for a perfect background for potted plants and decorative accessories. The sky motif is a great choice for a wall decoration – especially in the form of a charming wall mural. The ombré effect and the pastel colour scheme make the design feel like a giant canvas. With this background, any other accessories will turn into works of art and with a few subtle carvings or flowers the interior will instantly be filled with Mediterranean atmosphere.

Thanks to its natural colours, the ombré sky will also optically enlarge the space. With the beauty of a spring morning, it will lighten and freshen your room. These qualities make the mural a great choice for a living room but even more so for the bedroom, where it will facilitate rest and relaxation. The design works well with photos, paintings and fancy mirrors – if you’re going for a more aristocratic look.

Children’s rooms are another type of interior where the ombré sky looks particularly beautiful. Pastel colours don’t strain eyes and aren’t distracting, which is important when studying or falling asleep. Younger children will be happy to decorate the sky with other images and designs that facilitate development, such as teddy bears holding balloons or forest animals bathing in the sun. Older kids will similarly be able to adapt the design and use it to express their individual interests – boys could for instance decorate it with planes and girls with colourful flowers.

The last type of interior that could be beautified with the blue and white sky is the dining room. Hang the mural with this motif on the wall by the table – it will make you feel as if you were eating every meal in the open air in an atmosphere of summer positivity. If you’re still not convinced, think back to the last time you had a family picnic. Wasn’t the sky beautiful back then?