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Inspirations - Wall murals - Living room

Mysterious jungle wall mural

Mysterious jungle wall mural

Photo number: #154123228
Material: Vinyl wall mural
Dimensions: 100 x 100 in (width x height)
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Exotic, masculine minimalism

A manly living room doesn’t have to be boring and dreary. It can feel very mysterious but still elegant thanks to decorations that will take the owner and their guests on a journey to the Amazon jungle! The easiest way to achieve this effect is with a wall mural.

Decorations intended for men are very often grey or black and rather stark. The incorrect assumption is that men aren’t interested in more elaborate colour schemes, but in truth it doesn’t take much to introduce a touch of nature into a living room. You can start with something simple but still interesting and effective: the so-called English green. It’s a darker shade of green but it still occurs naturally in lush jungles that attract adventure-seekers. How to make your own home the setting of such adventures? Thanks to the exotic jungle wall mural, your interior will gain an aura of mystery that is sure to turn the heads of your guests. It creates a perfect atmosphere for lone wolves but also for gentlemen who wish to intrigue their partners.

This type of decoration goes well with simple, minimalistic furniture, both modern and vintage. Wide-frame armchairs, Edison bulbs and a coffee table – do you need anything else to conjure up an original décor? Perhaps a few potted plants to extend the jungle from the wall into the room itself. The design can also be used to decorate a bedroom, although in this case, we recommend pairing it with lighter details. A rattan room screen and Boho-style lighting will stimulate the senses and enhance the atmosphere of the Amazon jungle.

We cannot overstate the importance of living plants in interiors decorated with this design. They serve a dual purpose by making the air fresher and transforming the room into a literal jungle where instincts take over! Your bedroom will become a place of relaxation, reminiscent of exotic holidays. Every time you look at the wall, you’ll discover new, interesting details and that’s what interior decoration is all about – making your time spent at home as pleasant as possible.