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Library wall mural

Library wall mural

Photo number: #37924899
Material: Vinyl wall mural
Dimensions: 100 x 100 in (width x height)
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A decoration that plays tricks on your eyes

If you’re a bookworm who devours chapter by chapter on a daily basis, why not highlight that passion through your décor? And what better way to do it than a stylish library wall mural! There are many advantages to this design. First of all, it shows one’s love of literature. There’s no design more worthy of a true bibliophile’s living room or bedroom! Secondly, the wall mural will instantly make your interior feel warmer and cosier. You can enjoy the view of a massive bookcase stretching from the floor to the ceiling without breaking the bank. What’s more, unlike real bookcases, the wall mural doesn’t take up space, which is especially important in smaller flats. Finally, the mural will also create an illusion of depth and visually enlarge the room. Your mind will automatically assume that the walls are wider apart to accommodate for the giant bookcase.

What makes this design so elegant is the classical shape of the bookcase itself. It features carved pilasters, reminiscent of architectural designs used in ancient Greek temples. The light colour scheme makes the design less heavy and creates an interesting contrast with the dark brown book spines. This is exactly why the mural doesn’t feel overwhelming, even in smaller interiors. It’s certainly a great choice for decorating an office or a study room, even more so if you’re a lawyer or a historian. Naturally, it’s also a great fit for the bedroom of any literature lover.

Those who decide to use it, quickly realise that the mural design is truly timeless. It exists outside of everchanging decorative trends and remains invariably stylish regardless of the current fads. If you love reading but you don’t have enough space to display your own collection of books, use wall decorations and enjoy the view of an awesome private library every single day!