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Inspirations - Wall murals - Living room

Vintage palms wall mural

Vintage palms wall mural

Photo number: #191897299
Material: Vinyl wall mural
Dimensions: 100 x 100 in (width x height)
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Exotic vintage holidays

The vintage style is doing great. The gorgeous patterns work wonders both in modern and rustic interiors. There are many different ways to incorporate vintage designs into everyday spaces. It all depends on your imagination and preferences.

One advantage of the vintage style is that it can easily be adapted to one’s specific needs, especially since it emphasises the charm of old-fashioned, historical furniture and personal accessories. What’s more, you can combine vintage decorations with other styles to highlight your own taste or interests. What to do, for instance, if you love flowers, especially exotic ones? Well, you have nothing to worry about, because we have a perfect mural that will bring out the beauty of your retro furniture and accessories. The combination of vintage and Boho styles is both original and elegant.

The wall mural with dark leaves can provide a perfect background for brown colonial or Eastern European furniture. Thanks to this mix, your living room will feel more exotic but also uniquely stylish. You can enhance the effect with matching furniture, for instance a simple chest of drawers paired up with a wicker or rattan chair. Don’t forget to adorn the room with a few Boho-style details and glass lanterns, so that it looks even more atmospheric in the evenings. Palm leaves – not just wall murals but the motif in general – look wonderful when combined with flowers, especially large, exotic ones. It’s no wonder that this decoration is used to beautify all kinds of interiors.

You could, for instance, use a vintage mural to decorate your bedroom and always fall asleep in classy surroundings. The design will provide the perfect background for an old, auburn bed, especially if it’s made in a pre-war style. You can even use it on a window wall and fill the windowsill with potted plants to achieve that classic Boho look. If you’re interested in a vintage-style palm fronds mural, remember that this motif looks best with natural colours (like brown and beige), which is exactly why it looks so amazing when paired up with patterns from the 60s and 70s. Add to that a few flowers and you open up a whole new world of stylishness and decorative possibilities.