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Inspirations - Wall murals - Living room

World map mural

World map mural

Photo number: #1795674
Material: Vinyl wall mural
Dimensions: 80 x 40 in (width x height)
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The whole world within your reach

The world has become much smaller in recent decades. Thanks to modern trains, ships, airplanes and GPS technology in every mobile phone one can now travel even to the most remote places on Earth without much issue. There is still a way, however, to bring the world even closer to home and have it serve as an inspiration for organising new trips. Wall murals depicting maps of various continents are an interesting idea for decorating an elegant living room. This type of interior is usually filled with flowery motifs, picturesque landscapes and geometric patterns. A geographic design is therefore a really unique idea! A map will become an original decoration that will refresh the look of your décor.

 Which decorative styles work well with this motif? A colourful world map is definitely a great idea to liven up your space and make it appear more dynamic. You can combine the colourful continents with matching furniture, textiles or other knick-knacks. This simple trick will allow you to create a truly magnificent effect. The map motif can successfully be used in modern, minimalistic and elegant décors. The design will definitely appeal to all geography buffs as well as avid travellers. When it comes to interior design, following trends is important but using your own interests to design a space is an even better idea. If you love travelling, a world map on your wall will never get boring and it’ll help you plan your next unforgettable journey!

However, wall murals with colourful continents are not reserved for globetrotters alone. They will also work well in children’s and teens’ rooms. The multicoloured design will become a source of happiness and optimism for these interiors. What’s more, the map will serve a didactic function as well. Your kids will easily be able to remember the names and locations of all countries in the world. Interior design can be both beautiful and practical!