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Flowers and herbs wall mural

Flowers and herbs wall mural

Photo number: #137574977
Material: Vinyl wall mural
Dimensions: 100 x 100 in (width x height)
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Angelic, idyllic and colourful!

Flower lovers always look forward to spring – the time when lilacs, lavender, sage and roses bloom – and although some of these magically colourful flowers blossom for only a moment, their beauty is etched in our memories. We recommend introducing the charm of these flowers into your home in the form of herbariums and wall murals to be enjoyed all year round!

A mural with delicate petals and green twigs could be a romantic addition to your décor. It will highlight the owner’s love for plants even more and provide a wonderful background for a herbarium or flower pots. This design is also popular among ladies, especially the romantic souls who appreciate the Provencal and English decorative styles. Speaking of France, we have to also mention lavender – the purple flowers will make your interiors look extraordinarily beautiful. In wall mural designs, this aromatic herb is often combined with verbenas or goldenrods, which makes for many gorgeous backgrounds for a vanity table or a minimalist desk.

Such a herbal wall mural can also make your bedroom feel more romantic, especially if you’re a fan of Pride and Prejudice or Sense and Sensibility. English style usually features roses, so you can complete the décor with a vase filled with fresh flowers of love. These designs will make your rooms lighter, more natural and most of all fresher! This effect is amplified by the light background of the mural, thanks to which the colours seem more vivid but still natural. The design provides a different perspective on the flowers you know from gardens, meadows and herbariums. If you decide to use a mural of this type, you may also want to find matching furniture. A comfy armchair with a headrest, a cute vanity table or a mirror in an ornamental frame will transform your room into the set of a famous romance.

A mural with herbs and flowers is a very universal and charming design, which can be used to decorate any part of the home. It can make your hallway feel more rustic, fill your bathroom with the grace of Provence, and create an aura of eternal spring in your pantry. What is more, the motif also works wonders when combined with Boho, vintage and minimalistic furniture. When it comes to sublime relaxation, there’s no better choice than a herbal wall!