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Inspirations - Wall murals - Living room

Flowery meadow wall mural

Flowery meadow wall mural

Photo number: #174827392
Material: Vinyl wall mural
Dimensions: 100 x 100 in (width x height)
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Take a shine to summer – a unique flowery meadow design

Some of the best places to relax during the summer are beaches, lakesides and meadows, which blow us away with their colourful flowers, fragrant scents and hard-working pollinators. There’s so much to enjoy about meadows and that’s why they make for a wonderful decorative motif!

The delicate green landscape sprinkled with pink blossoms will make your living room feel warm and romantic. The flowers will bring back the happiest of your holiday memories and, what’s more, they will liven up your interior with the shine of the longest days of the year! The motif stimulates senses and creates a perfect space for rest and relaxation – especially while reading a book! For those of you who enjoy de-stressing in nature, this mural will always be a source of positivity. In addition, the colour scheme works well with all kinds of interiors. If your rooms follow the principles of the rustic, Boho or romantic style, the flowery meadow will be a perfect match!

The design looks incredible next to powder pink, so you can consider pairing it with an armchair, couch or curtains in this colour. Finally, complete the décor with green vases, canvas prints or cushions. All of these elements together will create an idyllic microcosm of trust and tranquillity.

Such pink-green designs also work wonders as hallway decorations. In this case, you can combine them with a grey ottoman or a chaise longue so that your guests are always welcomed in style when they cross your doorway. And since we’re dealing with a flowery motif, we have to also remember about… real flowers! They don’t necessarily have to be in bloom. Even potted Swiss cheese plants or ZZ plants will invoke the atmosphere of an exotic summer.

This wall mural is great choice for a living room but also for a teenage girl’s bedroom, especially if she enjoys romantic designs. It will look gorgeous next to light furniture, making the interior brighter and fresher. The flower motif will look best when used on a wall behind a sofa and a small coffee table. The room will then gain the feel of an aristocratic English palace. As always, you can complete the décor with flowers: tulips, lilacs and peonies, whose smell will take you straight to Alice’s Wonderland…