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Inspirations - Wall murals - Living room

Floral pattern mural

Floral pattern mural

Photo number: #2922023
Material: Vinyl wall mural
Dimensions: 100 x 100 in (width x height)
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Sense and sensibility – English-style décor

The English love flowers – especially when it comes to décor! Perhaps it’s because of the rainy weather on the islands or maybe it’s simply due to the sheer beauty of floral wall murals, which can be used in both living rooms and bedrooms.

Every romantic interior needs some subtle flower-themed decorations. These wall murals are the perfect match for elegant living rooms, where they can please the eye of many visitors. However, they also work wonders in more private settings, such as a feminine bedroom, regardless of the owner’s age. Flowers are the key to realising the potential of this style. They are commonly associated with romance, warmness and all love in all its forms. They can lift your spirit, allow for a melancholic moment and make any space more cosy and comfortable. The subtle, pastel patterns in such floral murals look best when paired with light decorations and accessories. If you install it next to a natural, pine or whitewashed desk, you’ll create an elegant décor that won’t overwhelm the space. The romantic style also loves knick-knacks, so feel free to add to your flowery motif any personal details that will make it truly yours. We recommend wooden coffrets and glass vases filled with freshly cut flowers.

If you decide to use a floral mural, you can also have some fun with choosing matching textiles. Sheer, powder pink curtains will highlight the lyrical character of the interior. If you have an old-fashioned, patterned sofa, it’s best to cover it with a pastel cover in order to prevent the patterns from blending together. The final touch will be lighting, which can often make or break home décor. In this case, you could go for wicker or linen lampshades.

The romantic flowery pattern is also a wonderful way to refresh the look of a feminine bathroom. This design looks amazing next to classic white tiles and a gold framed mirror. Such a gorgeous wall will provide the perfect background for a few elegant perfume and cosmetic cases. So forget about the daily grind for a while and let the mural take you straight to Queen Elizabeth’s court for a cup of 5 o’clock tea.