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Wall murals, posters and pop art canvas prints - inspirations

Pop art is the quintessence of the wild art from the 60s. Color play and graphic depictions straight out of a comic book, popular culture references and mass consumerism translated into the language of art. This is the shortest description of the art that was created in Great Britain and the United States, and later on gained popularity all over the world. Pop art canvases are a great offer for a modern interior dominated by color, minimalist forms and Avant-garde design. Pop art posters will also fit the taste of retro style fans, that take their interior design inspirations from the extraordinarily colorful 60s and 70s. A wide offer of designs inspired by works of artists like Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein will allow everyone to find exactly the kind of canvas print or pop art wallpaper, that will fit their interiors.

Pop art wallpaper for living room
Pop art wallpaper for living room - myloview.com, visualisation prepared by: Adam

Representatives of artistic consumerism: Pop art artists

American artists that created pop art canvas wall art were an extremely diverse group. The only thing they had in common was the theme - modern culture dominated by simple entertainment and the madness of buying, that was caused by the omnipresent adverts, appearing on the streets, in magazines and on the TV. The rest were just differences: from the medium to the taken topics. Claes Oldenburg would create huge sculptures depicting food and every-day-use appliances, Roy Lichtenstein’s pop art canvas remind us of comic book fragments divided into panels, and Andy Warhol who was the author of series of paintings of American celebrities, politicians and items, among which the most famous one is the Campbell’s Soup Cans. Such stylistic diversity presented by pop art canvases makes them a great decorative element for various interiors.

Two versions of interiors: pop art wall mural

Although the first pop art canvas was created almost half a century ago, this art genre still are a very interesting, fashionable and valid interior accessory. The mass consumerism was just in it’s infancy in the 60s, but today it’s a fully-fledged phenomenon that has settled in our world for good. And though we can approach it in different ways, we have to agree that the colorful pop art canvas prints are a wonderful decoration that can fit both, ultramodern spaces an a retro styled living room.

MODERN STYLE - pop art canvas print will be a perfect decoration of a modern, minimalist interiors. In a monochromatic living room, an energetic pop art poster will introduce an intriguing color element, add energy to the space and it’s gleaming texture will nicely complement the lacquered, shiny surfaces of furniture with chromed elements. On the other hand, a great decoration of a modern pop art interior, where everything is colorful, from walls to carpets and accessories, will be a canvas print or a mural depicting comic book sound effect bubbles: BOOM, WOW or SPLASH.

Pop art mural black and white
Pop art mural black and white - myloview.com, visualisation prepared by: Adam

RETRO STYLE - if our pop art interior design is dominated by the 60s. style and consist of veneered furniture, wall units, chairs and armchairs with soft, organic shapes, such as a popular ant-chair designed by Arne Jacobsen, or the bubble chair by Eero Aarnio, then a retro pop art style canvas prints will be a great decoration. Pop art canvas prints are perfect. Not only will they be an obvious reference to the 60s., but they will also energise your space and create a stylistically harmonious composition.

Living room straight out of a comic book: pop art wallpaper and other accessories

Pop art canvas wall art have a remarkably wide selection of designs. Depending on decor of our living rooms, we can select a completely different pop art canvas. A series of depictions inspired by pop art canvases created by Andy Warhol, or comic book stories in Roy Lichtenstein’s style, will perfectly fit a minimalist interior. On the other hand, a room with a big amount of furniture and accessories will look better when complemented by a minimalist pop art wallpaper with single-colored background and characteristic pointillism.

Pop art poster in our kitchen

Pop art canvas prints with a graphic depiction of food will be a perfect reference to gigantic sculptures by Claes Oldenburg in shape of a sandwich, piece of cake or ice cream cone. An amusing canvas with popcorn or with a “It’s coffee time” or “It’s breakfast time” inscriptions, kept in a comic book style, are a great way to decorate a kitchen. And what if cooking is not one of our strong points? A pop art poster with a BOOM will be a funny comment on our culinary experiments.

Modern pop art interior design of a child’s room

Pop art wall mural for kids
Pop art wall mural for kids - myloview.com, visualisation prepared by: Adam

Pop art interior design is a great offer for a child’s or teenager’s room. The best decorations are posters and pop art murals that look like pages torn out of a comic book. The story of characters presented with help of a couple of frames will hark back to comic books that our children enjoy so much, and a unique story will be a great impulse for development of our children’s imagination.