Shabby chic style- a feast for a romantic soul

Arranging an apartment can sometimes be very stressful. We keep wondering, how our personal space should look like- modern and minimalistic or maybe homely and natural? When we’ll finally make our mind, let’s just try to remember one thing- all accessories should complement each other and create a coherent whole. Today we’re introducing to you one of the most interesting interior design trends: Shabby Chic. Myloview’s shabby chic online store offer will surely help you with decorating your apartment!

Shabby Chic mural wooden planks
Shabby Chic mural wooden planks -, visualisation: Adam

Shabby chic tutorial

Shabby chic style will surely fit the tastes of the most sophisticated people. It surely isn’t for everyone, since it’s important to be extremely consequent while decorating an apartment according to its rules. There’s no place for randomness - all compositions must be planned and fit each other perfectly. But, if interior decoration is your hobby, and additionally you enjoy tinkering, the “aged style” may be a perfect choice for you. Here’s a couple of simple steps, which will allow you to enjoy an apartment a’la Shabby Chic:
  1. While selecting wall colors, choose something pastel. It’s all about a delicate and romantic feeling. Whites, dirty pinks and all shades of beige will work great.

  2. Furniture time! Shabby Chic style requires “aging” them on purpose. This term is used to describe not only the style of interior decoration, but also the technique of furniture decoration, that gives a “retro effect”. It’s a good idea to paint furniture with several layers of paint (to give it a “flaky” effect), chaffing it or creating fake bark beetle holes. Of course, the older the furniture the better- authentic antiques make the best impression. Old cabinets and chests of drawers can be combined with new furniture, but remember about emphasizing the former.

  3. Accessories and decoration in an “aged” style should be as romantic as possible. Wall murals with flower or old wood motifs will work great in this case. You must also find a place for lace, ethereal curtains, pillows with rose motif and frilly covers. Dried flowers, for example- braided into wreaths, will perfectly fit such interior.

Shabby Chic style- light and romantic

If you’ll decide to decorate your apartment in this unique, “aging” style, remember to keep it similar all around your house. Of course, that doesn’t mean that every room must be identical. It’s more about making sure, that every interior is a natural “continuation” of the preceding one. Charming wall murals will help you in decorating your apartment. Shabby Chic wallpaper can be neutral, without any patterns or a bit more attention-grabbing (but it should never be intrusive). It can depict, for example, bright (white or gray), aged planks that resembles real wood. Such decoration will make your wall look like it’s made of natural wood. Another very popular thing is a shabby chic wallpaper with a flower motif- especially with pale-pink roses. It will look absolutely fabulous at the background of retro-style furniture, adding a feminine touch and a natural lightness to your interior.

Shabby Chic kitchen mural
Shabby Chic kitchen mural -, visualisation: Adam

Shabby Chic bedroom

Bedroom is a place where we especially want to have an intimate atmosphere. We rarely allow our guests in there, keeping this room for our eyes only. But that doesn’t mean that it must look worse than the rest of our apartment- quite the contrary! A bedroom is the kingdom of rest, eroticism and dreams. Thus, it’s atmosphere must be unique. Myloview internet shop will surely be a great help in decorating a Shabby Chic bedroom. In our offer, you will surely find an original Shabby Chic wallpaper. While searching for accessories in style of Shabby Chic online store with wall murals will help you make the best decisions.

Mural vintage Shabby Chic
Mural vintage Shabby Chic -, visualisation: Adam

Swirls, squiggles and royal mirrors

An original shabby chic wallpaper is a must in process of decorating a bedroom. But don’t forget about other accessories! Nothing will work here as well as an aged bed that looks like taken straight from Victorian era. It’s best if it’s shape isn’t completely simple - protrusions, spirals and decorative knobs are very welcomed here. The same applies to other furniture. In shabby chic interiors, there’s no place for minimalism, that’s why you can place in your bedroom various chests of drawers, cabinets and interesting mirrors. The last ones will not only optically enlarge the space, but will also give an interior a royal look. Do not hesitate any longer - Myloview store will surely help you decorate your interior in shabby style!
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