Scandinavian style paintings - universal decoration in the northern edition

The Scandinavian style has been fashionable for a long time now. These interiors are extremely universal and easy to design. However, the all-white, minimalistic look and simple furniture make this style somewhat ascetic in nature, which might be difficult to get used to for some people. If you don’t feel like spending long hours decorating a room and you’re a fan of Nordic design, there’s an easy way out! With a few suitable details you can add a bit of warmth to a cold Scandinavian interior and fill the space with coziness without sacrificing the atmosphere. For that purpose, we recommend a fluffy rug, a faux animal skin on the wall, and a few pastel lamps or canvas prints. What's more, you can use Scandinavian inspirations to complete all kinds of arrangements, even if they’re not based on Nordic styles.

Scandinavian canvas prints for any type of interior?

A Nordic-style interior doesn’t necessarily have to be white. There is, however, a good practical reason for why the color is so popular here. Due to their geography, Scandinavian countries experience very long winters and short days. During perpetual night, sun disappears for a few months, during which some people don’t have access to sunlight at all. Thanks to light interior arrangements they’re able to brighten their rooms and better withstand the difficult conditions. Ash gray or light gray walls contrasted with white or pastel details are perfect combinations in Scandinavian décor.

Scandinavian interior with wooden decorative elements
Scandinavian interior with wooden decorative elements

One way to achieve the best possible effect is with the help of folk Scandinavian canvas prints. Colorful flower graphics, abstract patterns, or the characteristic Dala horse will liven up your interiors and make them feel much cozier. The folk motifs originating in Nordic countries provide an interesting alternative to other decorations of this type. Combined with simple, wooden furniture and flooring, the Scandinavian imagery will make for a breathtaking and harmonious living room arrangement. But canvas prints are not all there is! Wall decorations can also be complemented by green or wooden details, which are equally potent at creating unique atmosphere. You can, for instance, put a few potted plants on your window or go for minimalistic shelves and figurines made of wood.

Nordic decorations for every kind of interior
Nordic decorations for every kind of interior

Scandinavian canvas prints – universal decorations

It might seem that these wall decorations can only be used if the overall decor follows the same style, but that’s not really the case. Just like fashion in general, the Scandinavian style can’t stand boredom or predictability. Let’s forget about obvious combinations and try using the canvas prints in minimalistic, rustic, or romantic interiors to fully realize the incredible potential of these decorations!

  • Realistic photographs of deer or reindeer will be a perfect match for a rustic living room dominated by toned-down shades of beige as well as brown and wooden furniture.

  • A Scandinavian-style canvas print can also be a great addition to modern and industrial interiors. Take a look at the animal designs (of bears and foxes) reminiscent of the Japanese origami paper art and see for yourself how amazing they look next to simple, geometric furniture.

  • When it comes to romantic bedrooms, we recommend a stunning panoramic view of the Northern Lights as an expressive yet charming decoration. Alternatively, you can also opt for a traditional Scandinavian image of a small village hidden somewhere in the snowy mountains.

Foggy forest canvas print
Foggy forest canvas print -

Fashionable wall decorations for teenagers

Scandinavian decor is more than just light walls, atmospheric views, majestic animals, or folk motifs. It also features many funny designs that can be used in a child's or teenager's room with great success. One of them is a drawing of the hipster deer a unique design that's sure to become a source of joy for your children. Another option is a gray wolf wearing a cute sweater or a polar bear hiding his face behind a pair of ski goggles. Scandinavian canvas prints can also take advantage of iconic abstract designs. Characteristic geometric patterns as well as modern motifs will work wonders as decorations. 

Abstract canvas print for teenagers
Abstract canvas print for teenagers -

 Universal Scandinavian style is it for everybody?

In this short article we wanted to demonstrate the diversity and the universal character of designs inspired by Scandinavian culture, nature, and traditions. It's an incredible trend that never goes away and is always full of surprises! Though the style is minimalistic and scarce at heart, it can be used to complement virtually any type of arrangement. It's great for living rooms, teenagers' rooms, and even romantic bedrooms. Scandinavian decor is all about unique, timeless, and fashionable ornaments that can transform any interior into a truly stylish space.