Economic design - cheap murals and interesting accessories

A stylish interior doesn’t have to be decorated expensively. Instead of costly accessories we can create them by ourselves, or look for them on flea markets and on the Internet- there, we can find everything we want! Cheap wall murals, candelabras, picture and mirror frames as well as textiles at bargain prices- with help of those small accents we can create a creative arrangement. Find out how to do it!

Modern mural for bedroomModern mural for bedroom -, inspiration prepared by: Adam

Cheap wall murals and unique pictures - walls as an indicator of our decor

A wall is the main carrier of style, that’s why when we want to change our space, we should focus on decor of vertical surfaces. When we don’t have funds to repaint an interior, or to cover all of our walls with wallpaper, a good option would be the use of templates or fragments of a cheap wall mural. With a template, we can paint on any pattern we want (for example, on one of the walls we can apply a moroccan clover, that recently is very modern). An interesting option are also paintable cheap wallpapers, which imitate popular motifs. Instead of using them to coven an entire wall, let’s apply a graphic on its fragment (ex. by the door). We can use a piece of graphic as a picture - by framing it. A small change, a huge effect!


With help of such unusual cheap wallpapers we’ll achieve a personalized stylization and we can be sure that none of our friends will have a similar interior! Personalized wall graphics will nicely highlight the character of a teenager’s room stylization. 

  • Price: Painting stencils are available from 3 dollars, although we can create them ourselves (by cutting them out in a hard cardboard) - this way we’ll eliminate all costs. A paintable wallpaper cheap prices start at 20 dollars for a roll.

Color game - wall murals, cheap decor solutions

Not a single interior will look interesting and be comfortable for us, if instead of following our personal preferences, we’ll just follow tips from catalogues. We should remember, that the most important is the way we feel about an interior, that’s why during selection of colors, follow your own instinct. Of course, it’s worth to take the advices of professionals (especially in case when we don’t know how to compose a color palette). But, how could we use the inspirations by professional designers, if the service itself is very expensive? While cutting costs, we reach for widely available, open brands. Pantone Institute offers original color combinations each year, and you can use them in your own apartments. In 2016, combining summer, pastel colors - sky-blue and light pink - became very fashionable. For more inspirations, check out Pantone Institute's website!

Vintage poster for living roomVintage poster for living room -, inspiration prepared by: Adam

Select a main theme and include it to an interior in an expressive way. For example, by using cheap wallpapers that can be applied to kitchens or bedrooms. Look out for sales in decor shops.

  • Cost: When buying wall murals cheap, we have to prepare for a cost of around $30 for a roll. Producers often place the surplus or prior-season stock on sale, that’s why some motifs can be bought even for $15 for a roll. And, with a fragment of a print we can make, for example, a picture (by enclosing a graphic in a decorative frame or a glass clip frame).

A metamorphosis with help of tiny details


A jar used as a candle holder, a bottle used as a vase, a paper origami as a substitute for porcelain figurines - with a bit of manual talent and a lot of effort, and we can create unique decorations. We can paint a simple jar with a silver spray paint and decorate a lemonade bottle with a fancy ribbon. Place the decorations on a windowsill or a table.


An interior seem more intriguing, when we place in it a couple of strong textures. Combinations of matt and shine are welcome (ex. on a wall mural, cheap, antique chest of drawers). Rough structures (a mirror’s frame decorated with pinecones, raw accessories (a glass wrapped with a thick string can work as a candleholder), heavy and light materials- such mismatched decor will improve an interior’s character!

Cheap mural for kitchen with stripesCheap mural for kitchen with stripes -, inspiration prepared by: Adam


Cheap wall murals can be a decoration of walls, but can also become an effective spot of color on doors, chests and boxes. A gray, boring cardboard box where you keep your documents, can be pasted with the remaining scraps of a wallpaper. This way a regular item will change into a stylish accessory!

Have you found an idea for your own decor? Cheap wall murals, recycled jars, pine cones, ribbons, paper bags and a bit of fantasy- here’s a recipe for an economic decoration of a space. Get inspired and create an unforgettable decor. Maybe you could involve your kids to help you work over the look of your living space? The little ones will surely love the process of creating self-made decorations for children’s room.

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