Teen’s room - inspirations with wallpapers for teenagers

Specially for you, we’ve prepared a short manual on how to decorate teen bedrooms - both for boys and girls. It’s worth to remember that children, and later teenagers, change their taste with the same speed as they grow up. The change of interior decor preferences is connected to the process of entering the adulthood. And that forces a change of approach to accessories, colors and style which is present in a given interior. With help of wallpapers for teenagers, you surely will give an interior a proper character, and walls- a more attractive look. Favourite motifs will make teenagers feel more comfortable during studying and while spending time in their room.

Murals for teen room

We paint walls, select furniture and provide convenient conditions for our kids’ learning and development. If you want to effectively improve the whole decor, choose murals for teenagers, which will help you with that. A decorative detail will make a girl’s bedroom look more attractive, and the walls will gain an expressive character. Wall murals for teens- for girls- will create a great atmosphere within an interior, they will highlight the beauty of graceful accessories, and will emphasize the style that was used to decorate their personal space. It’s worth to select a wall decoration in accordance to the color scheme that dominates an interior - this way you will highlight the color palette used in a decor. Where to start? The basic equipment should be matched, as well as possible, to the needs of a person that occupies a given interior. A mural for teen room can be fitted into a space over a desk or bed- it will look great with furniture with a smooth surface and simple form. For decoration of a boy’s bedroom, you can successfully use wall murals for teens - boys - that can be found in our collection. Among various motifs and textures, you will surely find a picture that will meet your child’s expectations. Wallpapers for teenagers are a universal decoration, that will surely make every girl’s and boy’s bedroom more attractive, while taking just a tiny bit of your effort and money.

Abstract mural for teenage girl's roomAbstract mural for teenage girl's room - Myloview.com, inspiration prepared by: Adam

Girl’s bedroom- wall mural suggestions

In which style can we decorate a girl’s bedroom? Although, such interior can be arranged in a traditional way - it’s also worth to think about using a bit more sophisticated decor, if your daughter is an elegant young lady, has an artistic soul or loves nature. With help of various decor elements and proper accessories, you will change a little child’s colorful room into a more impressive and color-toned space. Walls should fit the color scheme of an entire interior. Remember, that child’s bedroom can be done not only in pink or purple, but also in white, yellow and blue. We advise you not to follow stereotypes, even more that the fashionable scandinavian arrangements have stole plenty of you girls’ hearts. A colorful detail for an interior decorated in this style can be successfully introduced with use of an expressive wallpaper for teenagers. The more subtle the interior, the more intensive design you can choose.

Mural for girl’s room with umbrellaMural for girl's room with umbrella - Myloview.com, inspiration prepared by: Adam

Which wallpapers for teenagers would be perfect for a girl?

  • To decorate a girl’s bedroom, you can use teen wall murals with patterns inspired by retro stylistics. Spots, stripes and polka dots will look beautiful in the background of a fashionable metal bed - they will emphasize the beauty of patterned containers, decorative pillows and a plush carpet. With use of colorful designs on murals for teenagers, you will create a very cosy and pleasant interior.
  • Teen wall murals with a graceful, flowery ornament would also perfectly fit a girl bedroom’s decor. A photo with pink tulips or roses will be a wonderful decoration of a glass book cabinet, delicate curtains and an openwork bedside lamp.
  • In girl’s bedroom decor, you can also use fashionable teen wall murals with famous actors. Portraits of the stars will look beautiful in stylish interiors dominated by toned accessories, flowery accents and fashion-theme details.
  • In a young girl's’ room you can successfully implement a mural for teenagers with a motif of a popular city- Paris, Rome and New York. Remember that a universal black-and-white design will fit both, light and colorful arrangements.

Murals for teen rooms in boy’s interior

Mural for teenagers can also be applied to a boy’s bedroom. It’s worth to match the design to the interests and passions of your son. How about a wall decoration with a jungle or an oceanarium motif? A wall murals for teens 3d is characterised by the depth of color and a unique sharpness of the picture, thanks to what it’ll be an expressive (and surely inspiring) detail of a decor. A motif that refers to the wonders of nature will work great in rooms of little scientists, geographers and biologists. In our offer, the fans of military accents will find wall murals with tanks. Aviation enthusiasts can integrate into the spaces of their bedrooms some of the effective flying machines- helicopters, gliders and fighter planes. Among various designs we can also distinguish motifs taken from famous movies and video games.

Batman muralBatman mural -Myloview.com, inspiration prepared by: Adam

If you’re looking for an idea for a wall decoration in a teen room, a neutral solution are maps on murals for teenagers. Ebay is a place where you will find modern accessories, that refer to popular styles - geek chic, industrial and modern. Remember that with use of proper details, you will give an interior some character and a stylish look.

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