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Loft apartment décor full of practical solutions

When you’re planning how to decorate a loft, you need to take into account both esthetics and practicality. In many cases, you may encounter some difficulties with applying standard solutions into this type of interior. Perhaps your dream shower cabin doesn’t fit in a bathroom with slanted ceiling. Or maybe the furniture set you’ve had an eye on doesn’t look as good in the specific room arrangement. No worries! There are still plenty of ways to make your loft décor reach new heights and look absolutely dazzling!

A rustic-style loft apartment
A rustic-style loft apartment

How to decorate a loft? Embrace the challenge!

Let’s start our discussion by identifying the most common obstacles that you may face while designing your loft apartment. Luckily, we now have access to lots of creative solutions to these problems, including custom-made furniture and personalized decorations. Here’s how you can turn the negatives into positives!

Loft bedroom
Loft bedroom

  • Slanted ceilings – it’s definitely the most common issue when it comes to decorating a loft apartment. They limit the useful floor area and make the entire room appear smaller. It becomes really difficult to find fitting furniture and you can forget about hanging paintings or posters on the walls. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s no hope. The answer to the question of how to decorate a loft apartment lies in unique solutions. It’s not difficult to find a company that makes custom furniture. How about a made-to-measure closet and cabinets or wooden chests you can use for both storage and sitting once you put some soft pillows on top? This furniture may be a bit more expensive than the standard models found in stores but in exchange, you’re guaranteed that the items meet all your needs and expectation. And what about decorations? Instead of paintings and posters, we recommend gorgeous wall murals or stickers. If you’re wondering what motifs will work best in a loft apartment, you’ll find all the answers below.

    Colourful dots mural
    Colourful dots mural – myloview.com

  • Low ceiling – although there’s nothing you can do to actually make the ceiling go higher, you can always make it appear as if that’s the case. In order to do that, you’ll need some lamp brackets and a dose of creativity. A loft apartment is no place for a large chandelier. Instead, you should focus on directing the light upwards. You can then enhance the effect by using e.g. a vertical stripes mural. Stripes on clothes slim us down but in an interior, they can optically heighten the room and that’s exactly what we’re going for.

    Pink stripes mural
    Pink stripes mural – myloview.com

  • Rafter framing – another common issue that arises while thinking how to decorate a loft apartment is dealing with exposed rafters. You can’t get rid of them but you can make them look more appealing. If you dream about a modern-style interior, paint them white, gray or steel gray. Choose the color that matches your furniture and other accessories. This change, albeit simple, will completely transform the look of the entire space. Another interesting idea is covering the wooden beams with decorative lights that will definitely make it feel cozier.

Clever tricks to change the look of your loft

Still looking for more loft apartment ideas? If the space is relatively small, you can use a mirror to optically enlarge it. Hang an oval or round one wherever you have a fragment of vertical wall. If you want to make things original, consider using a curved, convex mirror. The effect will be amazing. Make sure to choose the right color palette for your rooms. If the apartment is on the darker side and not every interior has windows, you should definitely paint the walls with light, pastel colors.

Small, Boho-style loft apartment
Small Boho-style loft apartment

And how to refresh the décor when you can’t hang paintings and posters on the walls? Use the aforementioned wall murals or decorative stickers, which can be used to beautify walls, furniture, or even a fridge. You may not be able to use a picturesque landscape mural but geometric designs and floral patterns will look absolutely gorgeous even on a slanted wall. Art Deco designs have been particularly popular this season but if you prefer more avant-garde patterns then use colorful polka dots as a new source of optimism for the space.

Single open space or multiple divided areas?

What else to consider when decorating a loft apartment? One idea that has gained a lot of traction recently is dividing the space with glass screens. These are not solid glass panels, however, but elegant partitions with black muntin bars that divide the surface into smaller squares. When should you think about using such dividers? Well, whenever you wish to section off a part of a room without optically making it appear smaller or limiting its access to daylight. So if you want to block the smells from your kitchen from spreading to the living room but there’s no window in that part of the apartment, this solution will be perfect for you. And since glass dividers are usually custom-made anyway, you can easily order one that takes into account your slanted ceiling.

Art Deco wall mural
Art Deco wall mural – myloview.com

Always remember to think over your loft apartment ideas in terms of practicality. Sometimes it’s safer to contact an interior designer or a qualified decorator, who knows how to best make use of this unique space and ensure that it’s beautiful, eye-catching, and practical. Every loft apartment has a lot of potential, you just need to know how to realize it!

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