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Golden bedroom accessories – how to choose the right ones? Expert tips

Golden bedroom accessories are a tried and tested recipe for conjuring up jaw-droppingly beautiful interiors. They present a quick and easy way to refresh and liven up any décor. The shiny details will reflect sunlight and lamplight, creating unique atmosphere during the day and in the evening. This effect alone makes the style worth considering. Golden decorations for the bedroom look absolutely stunning not only in glamour spaces but also interiors in any other style. We’re certain that most of our readers will be able to find a few interesting ideas and inspirations in this article. Perhaps you’d enjoy a gilded mirror, a stylish bookend, lamp, candleholder or maybe lustrous fabrics with golden sheen? Read on and see for yourself!

Glamour-style canvas print
Shiny decorative details will make any bedroom look more chic and interesting (1. Pastel abstraction canvas print, 2. Abstract shadows canvas print) – myloview.com

Golden bedroom accessories for elegant interiors

Not only is gold stunningly beautiful, it is also timeless. Whether it’s on the commodities market or in the world of interior décor, the value of gold never drops. It’s a tried and tested recipe for décor that never goes out of fashion. In general terms, there are two ways to decorate with gold.
First, you can go for subtle elegance. Golden accessories don’t necessarily have to dominate the entire bedroom. In recent years, many interior designers have been following the rule: less is more. You could, for instance, introduce only one or two golden elements into your room for some extra lustre and sheen.
We recommend using a pair of golden bedside tables on either side of the bed or a pendant lamp in the colour of old gold hanging from the ceiling. These small changes are enough to completely transform an interior, especially if it features a neutral, grey colour scheme.

Gold in a Scandinavian interior
When decorating a bedroom, make sure that the golden accessories don’t overwhelm the décor. They should only serve as subtle details – sometimes less is more!

The second option is going all out with a luxury bedroom. In this case, golden decorations will become the main focus of the interior, leading to a complete transformation of the décor. The guiding principle here is: the more, the better! Interiors in this style use golden wall decorations, furniture, lamps and even pillows!
Which option do you prefer? Both solutions are equally interesting and they guarantee that your bedroom will truly shine. And we mean that quite literally!

Golden accessories in the bedroom – how to choose the right ones?

There are two things to consider when choosing golden bedroom accessories. First is aesthetics, second – practicality. If your room is relatively small, focus on gilding the essential furniture and decorations. In more spacious interiors, you can use more accessories.

  • Furnishings

    Golden accessories in the bedroom can be both beautiful and functional. The colour can be introduced, for instance, in the form of furniture. A stylish, metal bedside table can make everything else in the room look much more elegant, even a regular, nondescript bed. You can also go for a golden bookshelf or chair next to the vanity table. If you like meditating, a soft, lustrous ottoman may be the perfect choice.

    And since so many people now work remotely, you can use a golden grid organiser over your desk, where you can hang to-do lists and important deadlines.

  • Lighting

    Lamps are great candidates for golden accessories and lighting is generally very important in the bedroom. It shouldn’t be too bright or it will make it difficult to relax. On the other hand, it has to provide enough light even on rainy days. Popular ideas include interchangeable golden lampshades or retro/industrial lamps with bare bulbs. Every idea is valid as long as the lamp matches the overall style of the bedroom.

    And if you already have a ceiling lamp that you’re happy with, you can always add more lights in the form of golden wall brackets.

  • Accessories

    Golden bedroom accessories are a great way to make your interior feel more stylish and cosier at the same time. Let’s start with the perfect idea for nature lovers – plant pot covers. It’s never a bad idea to give your ferns, palms and monsteras a bit of luxury. Another popular choice are beautiful mirrors in ornamental, gilded frames. This simple, classic solution will optically enlarge a small room.

    Tropical flowers wall mural
    A wall mural with a tropical motif will be a perfect complement for golden accessories in a bedroom – myloview.com

    And speaking of wall decorations, we have to also mention wallpapers. You don’t necessarily even have to use a golden or shiny pattern. There are many amazing wallpaper designs that use the shades of old gold. For modern interiors, we recommend geometric patterns, while fans of more traditional decorative styles will surely appreciate exotic floral motifs.

    If you’re searching for a quick way to make your décor more interesting, look no further than modern canvas prints. A diptych made of two abstract compositions will certainly appeal to anyone who appreciates expressive décor.

Golden decorations for the bedroom – check out our décor ideas

We’ve already discussed quite a few examples of golden bedroom accessories. Now it’s time to take a look at how these accessories can be incorporated into different decorative styles.

  • Gold in Boho style

    Boho is all about carefree, summer vibes, which is why we recommend decorating your bedroom with a beautiful mirror in a frame imitating the sun. The decoration will fill your interior with energy. You may also consider using textiles as your golden accessories in the bedroom. Decorative cushion covers or pillow cases with shiny designs will be a guaranteed success in this case. The Boho style also commonly uses wicker (e.g., in the form of lampshades). If that lampshade happens to be painted gold, the whole room will suddenly feel much more elegant.

    You can complete the décor with a typographic poster in a shiny font. This way, “Hello Beautiful” could be the first thing you see when you wake up! And if you still haven’t had enough, a bouquet of dried flowers covered in gold paint can become your decorative cherry on top.

    Gold in Boho style
    Combine the Boho style with golden accessories to make your bedroom shine!

  • Scandi take on gold

    The Scandinavian style prioritises practical minimalism, which opens completely new opportunities for bedroom décor. In this case, our golden accessories should also be functional. We can start with a regular mirror in a thin golden frame.

    The bedside table will look more elegant if you put a golden alarm clock on top. Add to that a golden jewellery box or make-up organiser to keep everything neat and tidy.

    If your bedroom is particularly spacious, you can also introduce gold in the form of a console table with potted plants, books or other knick-knacks. Depending on your preferences, we recommend either minimalistic console tables or retro models on wheels. The latter will make the cold Scandinavian aesthetic a bit warmer.

  • Glamourous gold

    Glamour decorations come in many shapes and colours. This time, we decided to go for a grey colour scheme, which feels very elegant thanks to the addition of gold. Shiny accessories will look absolutely stunning against dark grey panelling or black-and-white carpeting. This is the best place to use expressive golden furniture of all types. Bedside tables are a classic, but you can also opt for console tables, chairs and lamps. Remember to follow the principle: the more, the better.

    The glamour style likes to dazzle, so if you have enough space, consider hanging a few mirrors on the walls. All your golden accessories will be reflected and their effect will be even more stunning.

Gold in the glamour style
Glamour bedrooms are all about flashy elegance. Any interior in this style needs gold accessories and details

Golden accessories – dazzling bedrooms beyond recognition!

Gold is synonymous with elegance and luxury. In this article, our experts collected many ideas which prove that shiny decorative accents can completely transform bedroom décor. Whether you choose to introduce gold in the form of furniture, knick-knacks or wall decorations, you can be sure that the result will be a stunning interior revamp.
For more inspirations and beautiful accessories, visit our store at Myloview.com, where you can find many decorative posters and wall murals but also canvas prints and stickers for any interior.