Change the look of your furniture: decorative stickers

Are you looking for an idea how to give your space an original arrangement and decor? Stickers for furniture will work great as a decoration of the furnishing of basically every interior in your home. The extraordinarily stunning decorations with a flower and plant motif will look beautiful in elegant, eclectic and traditionally arranged interiors. In turn, landscapes and expressive compositions with various patterns can be used to decorate hefty wardrobes. Kids furniture stickers with characters from fairytales and colorful, wacky patterns will easily fit into the space of a pastel-colored bedroom - they will create a cosy place, where your little one will feel like in a fairytale land.

Wardrobe stickers

If you want to quickly and cheaply change the look of your dressing room, use decorative stickers with various motifs. Well selected decorations will emphasize the decor you’ve chosen for your interiors. Stickers for furniture will spice up the look of every piece of furniture - they will give it a distinct character and nicer look. An interior will look great if you’ll choose darker details for bright furnishing, and for darker furniture - white or very bright wardrobe stickers. An effect in form of an intriguing color contrast will surely be a successful decorative step. In our collection, you will find various designs and patterns. Nothing stops you from decorating a classic chest of drawers in a blink of an eye, with stickers for furniture depicting colorful butterflies or poppies. You could also use a distinctive and very eye-catching ornament. A veneer will give the drawers and front sides of furniture more of a fancy look. Wardrobe stickers with white flowers - orchid, rode, tulip - is an offer for fans of elegant and romantic interiors. Photographic decorations will emphasise the beauty of delicate textiles, classic, bright furniture and sophisticated accessories in various colors. A wardrobe sticker with dandelion will bring to mind sun, care-freeness and lightness. A rural accent will work perfectly in apartments that are dominated by natural materials and details, inspired by nature.

Decorative sticker with birds
Decorative sticker with birds -, visualisation prepared by: Ewelina

Door stickers

Doors, just as furniture, may sometimes  need a quick renovation with use of various tools and materials. Sometimes they can simply bore us. That’s when we start looking for an idea to change their look quickly and effectively. In such case, we offer you special door stickers. We don’t see anything against introducing expressive and colorful accent into classically arranged interiors, and breaking modern arrangements with a warm detail in form of a pattern or a photo. We’ve prepared special patterns and motifs that you can use in decor of your interiors. Thanks to that, door stickers will successfully match your interior arrangement. In our collection, you will also find decorations with flowers - they will work perfectly in a living room and bathroom spaces. We also offer charming landscapes - a photo will be an expressive detail in your interior, that’s why it’s worth to match it up with accessories with smooth texture. If you want to make your interior look subtle, decorate doors with a door sticker with a tree or a fancy plant with rambling leafs and an ornate stem. Such decoration will be a beautiful element of bright and elegant interiors, dominated by classic patterns, toned colors and plant accents.

Wardrobe sticker
Wardrobe sticker -, visualisation prepared by: Ewelina

Kitchen patterns

Thanks to fancy kitchen furniture stickers, you will make your kitchen look more beautiful and will easily emphasise it’s style. A Provence-styled space will look beautiful when complemented by a fantastic sunflower, poppy and lavender. Decorative stickers with flowers can be successfully used to decorate a kitchen arranged in classic, eclectic and rustic style - a motif is not only universal, but also graceful.

Flowery compositions can be used to decorate a fridge - a space will gain an eye-catching details and the appliance- a beautiful look. For people, who want to create in their kitchen a warm and cosy atmosphere, we offer kitchen furniture stickers with a motif of coffee, fruit and vegetables. Abstract, colorful patterns will fit the tastes of lovers of industrial and modern interiors.

Abstract squares sticker
Abstract squares sticker -, visualisation prepared by: Ewelina

Children's room

You shouldn’t overdo with stickers for furniture in any house interior. An exception from this rule is a children's room. Here, color, shape and figure are very important, because they let the little one to find themselves in their own world, and it’s great when said world have plenty of colorful flowers, good fairies and charming, fairytale animals. Kids furniture stickers will let you easily change the look of every nursery. All it takes is that you choose a fairytale design and use it to decorate furniture in your child’s bedroom. This way a classic desk and wardrobe will gain a more fantastic look. Among various design you can find adorable stickers for furniture with fairytale butterflies and characters from Disney movies. For decoration of children’s furniture you can also use classic motifs in vibrant or pastel colors - polka dots, spots and hearts. An interior will look cosy, and your little one will be happy.