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Butterfly and flower mural

Butterfly and flower mural

149,60 USD
Material: Vinyl wall mural
Dimensions: 100 x 50 in (width x height)

From one flower onto another – ideas for a butterfly mural

Selecting a living room mural is quite difficult choice, that probably everyone who’s planning a room redecoration has to face at one point. A perfect design can not only optically enlarge our space, but it will also allow us to change a typical, boring interior into a stylish living room with a timeless beauty. Among a wide selection of available designs, the one what attracts the most attention is a delicate and subtle mural butterflies. The design we’ve selected is a perfect option for a spacious living room decorated without any useless elements and decorations. A minimalist space makes a butterfly mural with an expressive, colourful details look absolutely great. The colorful wings of a butterfly will attract our eyes like light attracts moths!

A well selected wall mural for living room can work magic – for example, it can make a room seem bigger by a couple of metric squares. How is it possible? The image with a three dimensional effect gives an impression of depth, that’s why we feel like the print has some additional space. Butterfly mural with a vast meadow will make an intimate living room look much bigger than it actually is.

A mural butterflies will also bring an idyllic atmosphere into your bedroom. Delicate shades of pink and green, and an ephemeral shape of a butterfly will perfectly fit a romantic, shabby chic interior. White, aged furniture, powdery shades of linens and countless knickknacks that are characteristic for this aesthetic, will look adorable with our mural in the background. It’s worth to mention, that a butterfly mural is a great option for a modern kitchen in monochromatic color scheme and a little girl’s room.