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Wall mural: Atlas

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Wall mural atlas
Wall mural:
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pushkin, sculpture, decor, architecture.
Monument to Karl Marx in  center of Moscow
Bas-relief of  Annunciation on  wall of  Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence
Garden sculpture depicts a beautiful young girl
Sculpture-griffin monster with the shield in its paws
Jesus with the apostles and disciples. High relief on the wall of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow
Bas-relief depicting the emblem of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Fountain in  form of  ear in  middle of  pond in  Moscow park
Plaster sculpture depicts  young woman with rabbits in her hands.
Ancient sculpture depicting god of trade Mercury (Hermes)
Gothic chapel with figures of  Virgin Mary and  Apostles
Medieval fountain in  form of human face in Tivoli Park
Fragment of the Neptune Fountain in a square in Florence
Blooming lilac in an old city square
The square in front of  Annunciation Monastery in  ancient Russian city of Murom
Ancient sculpture depicting praying catholic saint Catherine of Siena
Karamzinsky square with blooming dandelions and lilacs in Ulyanovsk (Simbirsk) in  spring
Memorial in honor of Russian soldiers who died on  battlefield in  Battle of Kulikovo
Ancient Pavlovsky park in  vicinity of St. Petersburg in spring
Ancient Pavlovsky park in  vicinity of St. Petersburg in spring
Marble sculpture of  centaur (copy) on  bridge in Pavlovsky Park. Sepia
Ancient sculpture (18th century) of  ancient Greek muse of  history of Clio against  background of sky and clouds
Amur sculpture adorns the facade of an old house
Pavlovsk -  suburb of St. Petersburg
Fragment of  facade of  old building decorated with stucco and sculptures
Ancient park sculpture depicting  lion
Ancient plaster copy of  ancient sculpture of Mercury (Hermes) in  park
Statue of  angel with  cross in his hands on  dome of  old church
Ancient sculpture depicting Christian Catholic Saint Ivo
Statue of Jesus Christ in  old Catholic temple
The Black Sea embankment on  southern coast of Crimea during a storm
Small plaster garden sculpture of  cute angel with flowers and fruits in hand
Fragment of the medieval cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence
Fragment of  ancient sculpture of  angel from the ancient necropolis of the Holy Don Monastery
Sculptures of ancient gods adorn  pediment of an ancient building
Sculptural figure of  Archangel on  roof of  basilica in  Italian city of Siena
On  shore of  pond in Catherine Park in Tsarskoye Selo
Fragment of  ancient neo-Gothic fortress
The facade of old building decorated with beautiful sculptures and  glass dome
16th century. Old Russian wooden sculpture of a Christmas angel.
Fragment of  Cathedral of  Assumption of  Blessed Virgin Mary in Siena
Ancient sculpture of  Muse of  history of Klio at monument to  Russian historian Karamzin in  ancient square of Ulyanovsk (Simbirsk)
Ancient sculpture of  praying angel in white marble
The bridge with antique griffins -  symbol of  city of Kerch
Lovely Antique Marble Angels Sant Angelo Bridge in Rome
Mosaic Coat of Arms of Ukraine since  Soviet Union
Antique busts of ancient Roman philosophers and emperors on  old terrace of  autumn park
Antique ancient fountain with sculptures in  central square of  Italian city of Siena
Antique sculpture -  head of  ferocious lion
Fragment of ancient ancient sculpture depicting sleeping Venus
Gothic Cathedral in Siena in Italy
The medieval "Tower with  Piglet" in  ancient Italian city of Volterra
Pediment of  medieval catholic cathedral with figure of  Virgin Mary and  baby
Antique fountain in  shape of  Sphinx
Statue of catholic saint Margarita adorns entrance to medieval temple
Square with  fountain and  monument to Empress Catherine  Great in Krasnodar
Chinese arbor in  winter Alexander Park in Tsarskoye Selo in St. Petersburg
Ruins of  antique sculpture of  goddess of war Athena and  Roman she-wolf with Romulus and Ram
Ancient fountain decorated with  statue of  ancient goddess Athena
Fountain with  ancient allegorical sculpture of  Goddess of Nature in  park d'Este
Park with fountains at Villa d'Este in Tivoli
Antique marble sculpture of  sleeping woman
Fountain in old park on  outskirts of Rome
Chariots of ancient Roman goddess of Victory Nika in  backlight against  sunset
Architectural fragment with sculptures of  Siena Cathedral in honor of  Ascension of  Blessed Virgin Mary
Angels and Archangels on  walls of  Cathedral of Christ  Savior
Fragment of  ancient Italian staircase with  marble lion in Pavlovsky park
Ruin of  ancient marble sculpture of  lion in  summer park
Sculpture of  Archangel Uriel with fire in hand on  temple wall
An architectural fragment of old building decorated with stucco and bas-reliefs
Ancient marble sculpture of praying angel
Fountain in  city summer park
Fragment of building of  famous Sandunovsky baths in Moscow
Fountain with pouring water in summer city park
Ancient marble sculpture of praying angel
Pavilion in  style of  Chinese pagoda on  bank of  pond in  Alexander Park in Tsarskoye Selo
Ancient statue of Jesus carrying cross
Pediment of old building is decorated with allegorical sculptures and bas-reliefs with  coat of arms of  Spanish king.
Memorial of Military Glory on Mount Mithridates in Kerch
Egyptian sphinx against blue sky on  University Embankment in St. Petersburg
Red cat sitting on  old Russian marble monument
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