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Time for Christmas gifts – Myloview’s 7 tried and tested ideas

Whether you’re looking for gifts for women, men, your mom, dad or siblings, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled the best gift ideas for everyone, so you’ll definitely find something to slide under the Christmas tree. First and foremost, you’ll want a gift that will last. Out of respect for your loved ones and the environment, make sure to choose a gift that will make them happy for many years.

Say no to the countless knick-knacks and funny gadgets that end up at the bottom of the closet within a week. This year, we want to focus on Christmas gifts that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical. And in our book, there’s no better gift than a beautiful decoration, such as a poster, a canvas print or a wall mural. Read on to see for yourself why it’s such a clever gift idea!

Roses canvas print
Christmas is approaching fast, so it’s high time to order your gifts. The canvas print with roses is a beautiful decoration that will serve your loved ones for many years – myloview.com

Looking for a Christmas gift? We’re here to help!

If you’re wondering what to buy for Christmas, we definitely recommend unique, original solutions. You definitely don’t want to hand your special someone another pair of socks, a boring wine set or an ugly Christmas sweater. Remember that the gift says a lot about the person giving it!

In order to choose the best holiday gift, naturally you have to first consider its recipient. The present has to match their tastes. Avoid stereotypes. Don’t buy your mom a kitchen gadget if you know she isn’t fond of cooking. Children usually have their rooms stuffed with toys already, so perhaps a charming decoration is a better choice.

Decorative accents are some of the most universal holiday gifts. There are several different types of decorations to choose from. The most popular solutions include wall murals, posters and canvas prints. If you want to buy a wall mural. Bear in mind that you’ll need to know the exact dimensions of the wall, which is usually not the case when it comes to posters or canvas prints.

Whether you’re buying a gift for a man or a woman, you can be sure that your decorative accent will become an inherent part of their everyday lives. It will help them refresh the interior and they’ll think of you fondly whenever they see the design.

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Christmas gift ideas – 7 marvelous ideas from Myloview

By giving your loved one a wall decoration you ensure that your holiday gift is practical, stylish and that it matches their tastes perfectly. Wall murals, posters and canvas prints are universal presents that can be used in any home or flat. What’s more, they are easily customisable to reflect the personality or interests of the giftee.

We’ve prepared 7 unique ideas for this season of giving. Here’s our 2021 gift guide! The perfect Christmas gift is within your reach!

Beige marble wall mural
A faux marble wall mural is a fantastic way to fill your living room with style and elegance. The design works wonders when paired with holiday decorations. As a gift, it’ll certainly bring a smile to your loved ones’ faces – myloview.com

  • Wall mural for your parents

If you want to give someone a wall mural, you need to choose the right design but you also need to know what size to buy. We recommend this solution only if you are very familiar with the giftee’s flat.

An elegant wall mural may be a wonderful present for your parents if they have wanted to refresh the look of their living room or bedroom for some time. You’ll definitely find an opportunity to measure the wall during a regular visit. The most popular designs this season include faux marble and imitations of other precious stones. It’s a tried and tested way to make an old-fashion interior feel more chic and elegant!

  • Posters for people with passion

If your loved ones are people with many passions and interests, we recommend giving them a personalised poster. Wall decorations that match the owner’s character are the best recipe for conjuring up a timeless décor in any style.

Best gift for your brother or a male friend? One good gift idea for men could be something connected to motorisation. This category includes, for instance, stylish posters with vintage car models. Another popular option are sports-themed decorations. A retro-style graphic depicting his favourite discipline will be a great addition to any man cave.

If you’re looking for something special to give your sister or a female friend, consider an artistic poster. Our bestselling gifts for women include reproductions of famous masterpieces, stylish collages or modern abstract compositions. If your loved one is an avid traveller, they will certainly appreciate a set of posters depicting picturesque landscapes from all over the world, which can be combined into a beautiful gallery wall in their living room.

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  • Canvas print for nature lovers

Nature makes for a priceless source of inspiration when you’re looking for gifts. If your friend or a member of your family has green fingers and they love flowers, give them a floral canvas print. This charming gift will fill her flat with gorgeous flowers even when the air outside is frigid and the streets are covered with snow. And if it’s a gift for someone with a large living room, you can even go for a triptych – a gorgeous design consisting of three prints.

These compositions can be used to decorate interiors in any style. Flowery designs look amazing in modern, minimalistic, romantic and retro-style flats. The prints work wonders when hanged over the sofa in the living room or over the bed in the bedroom.

Poster gallery
A gallery of posters is always a wonderful gift idea. You can browse the plethora of available designs to choose the perfect motifs for that special someone (1. Hanging bridge poster, 2. Dolomite landscape poster, 3. Foggy landscape poster, 4. Foggy forest poster) – myloview.com

  • Stickers that make you smile

Similarly to posters or canvas prints, decorative stickers make for a great gift idea if you don’t know the exact size of the wall, since they’re only going to cover a part of it. In this case, we decided to go for typographic designs, due to their inherent universality. A cheerful, motivating message is a solid gift idea even for an optimist, since we all sometimes feel a bit blue.

How about: “Be yourself”, “Everyone is already taken”, “A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear” or just simply “Smile“? A decoration like this will make your loved one’s every day better, even if it’s just by a tiny bit.

  • Perfect canvas prints for children

It wouldn’t be a holiday gift guide if we didn’t prepare anything for children! For the youngest members of your family we have cute prints with funny animals. All children love animals, so the designs are a guaranteed success. Kids quickly grow out of their fascination with superheroes, fairies and unicorns but a friendly polar bear wearing a cosy scarf will become their companion for many winters. The design is purposefully kept in a subdued colour scheme, since experts more and more often advise against gaudy decorations in children’s rooms.

Bear canvas print
This Christmas decoration will help you introduce that special holiday atmosphere into your children’s rooms. It will certainly appeal to all small animal lovers – myloview.com

  • Custom canvas print from a photo

We’ve reserved a special place in our gift guide for original canvas prints from your own photos. If you truly want your gift to be one of a kind, give your loved ones a framed print that captures the day of their engagement, wedding or childbirth. It’s a fantastic gift idea for one’s parents, husband, wife or a friendly couple.

Nowadays people often only view their photos on their phones or computer screens but there’s something special about seeing that unforgettable moment in a larger format. A gift like this is sure to become much more than a simple wall decoration!

Minimalistic landscape poster
This light, minimalist landscape will look absolutely gorgeous next to dark holiday ornaments. A poster is a universal gift idea that is sure to make everyone happy – myloview.com

  • Voucher – 100% in their taste

If you’re still unsure what the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones would be, perhaps it’s a better choice to give them a voucher. An elegantly wrapped coupon card will let that special someone in your life choose their own ideal gift. Our store offers 6 different price variants, so you’ll be able to choose the best option for your budget. A single voucher equals infinite possibilities for a gift!

Make sure your Christmas gift is original!

Now you know all of our holiday gift ideas. We hope that after reading the article, you’ll be able to choose the best Christmas gifts for your loved ones. A poster that shows your friend’s interests, a wall mural to refresh your mom’s living room or perhaps a canvas print with a photo from an important family event?

You know best what holiday gifts will make them happy. Check out our store at Myloview.com and get amazing deals on holiday presents today!

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