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Sticker: Large tanker in the queue for loading of oil in icy sea

Sticker large tanker in the queue for loading of oil in icy sea
Large tanker in the queue for loading of oil in icy sea.
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tanker, cargo, fuel, shipping, oil, north, ship, temperature, freezing
a man and a woman sit on the beach and look at the ships
vessel is red in the Parking lot after the storm
transportation of fuel by sea in Russian ports is difficult in winter due to freezing seas
tanker in the ice sea against the shore
two tankers anchored in a frozen sea awaiting loading operations
ice icicles frost on the rails of the ship on the background of the winter coast
frost the nose of the ship
icing on the ship in the winter
marine tug floats on the sea freezes along the ice floe with the fishermen
fishing boat on background of winter mountains
fishing base delivers products to the cold storage in the sea of Okhotsk
wakes in the icy sea
two ships at anchor in the bay of the northern winter
the ship at anchor in the North Bay in the winter
tankers at anchor in the freezing sea waiting for the loading

snow-capped volcanoes near the sea
Ships sailing on the North Sea in the ice and leaves a wake
a layer of ice on the vessel Leer
a large bulk carrier loaded with ship cranes work on the roads
the frosting vessel
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Amazing quality pics
nathan davies Added: 25.11.2022
Amazing and beautiful pictures and quality.
nathan davies Added: 25.10.2022
Loved the picture of the wild blueberries - class!
Fiona Somerled Added: 14.09.2022
Superb quality. Posters were printed on heavy grade paper and the images were eactly as per the photos on the site. Well packaged and the shipment was fast and well tracked. I'll definately be ordering more.
Peter Montgomery Added: 06.08.2022
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