Safe shopping

PayPal is a trustworthy leader in terms of online payments. It allows buyers and sellers to send and receive money via internet. PayPal service has over 220 million users in 190 countries and regions.
It is a form of payment accepted by clients of eBay and many other services.

Is it safe?
In PayPal service, the users’ credit cart data is secured with use of the latest security and anti-fraud systems. Financial data of a user paying with PayPal service is never forwarded to a seller.

Why is it worth to use PayPal service?
1. The „Buy and send money via PayPal” option is free of charge.
2. With PayPal, you buy and pay without forwarding any of your personal data to a seller.
3. PayPal service is accepted by millions of businesses all around the world and is a preferred form of payment on eBay.