Quality assurance

Trust our experience and the most modern of technologies.

For production of our wall murals, canvas prints, posters and stickers, we use the best certified materials and an innovative, advanced technology of latex prints created by HP company.

The inks we use not only have a wide range of shades that allow us to achieve an effect of intensely saturated colors, but also guarantee a scentless, and thus - safe print, that can be successfully used within interiors.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry that the colors will quickly fade or the prints will get damaged, because our inks are resistant to temperature, moisture, UV radiation and mechanical damage.

The prints available in myloview store are based on natural materials, thanks to what they can se used even in places like kitchen, restaurant, kindergarten or a children’s room. They are fully safe for health and environment. HP’s latex inks have certificates that guarantee their pro-eco qualities. The prints produced with their help don’t require additional ventilation and are nickel-free.

Thanks to the highest quality (guaranteed by the system of thermal heads) and a possibility to print in high resolution (1200 dpi), myloview’s printers can easily live up to the expectations of the most demanding customers.