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Personalized canvas prints: a new quality of interior decoration

Photo canvas are a kind of modern canvas paintings. They realistically reflect the quality and details, but also the colors. All that makes a photo canvas a perfect idea for an original wall decoration. A wall photo canvas is characterised not only by the richness of colors, but also patterns: from landscapes to architecture and abstract motifs. What is important is to select photo canvases that will match the style of a given interior. Thanks to a wide offer of designs, it will be very easy to choose an ideal decoration.

Triptych canvas
Triptych canvas - myloview.com, visualisation prepared by: Ewelina

But it’s important to remember about a couple of basic rules. Not always does a dream photo canvas fit a room where we’d like to place it. That’s why it’s worth to concentrate on the overall design first, and then start looking for a photo canvas to match it. Without a doubt, it’s much more simple to paint walls and buy furniture before we start selecting the best wall decoration. We’ll be able to choose between abstract, geometric or modern in accordance to the furniture and colors. We can also decide upon a photo canvas with a our own photo. If we have some beautiful holiday photos, a charming landscape, or simply an ideal shot that we’d like to look at every day, nothing stops us from creating a photo canvas based on this type of photo. Anyways, as the name suggest, if we’d take a closer look at the word “photo canvas”, we can clearly see that this type of canvas is characterised by a photorealistic look. Shortly speaking: this type of canvases look very realistic and can surprisingly well reflect the reality.

How to select a photo canvas? Myloview’s unique inspirations

On a photorealistic canvas we can find whatever we’d like to see. We can choose a classic, but at the same time a very original photo canvas, that will depict, for example, photos from important celebrations. Instead of traditional frames with picture, you can choose a photo canvas with photos taken during weddings, christenings or the First Communion. Simply put - every important ceremony can be immortalised on a photo canvas. Photo canvases will work great in many interiors. It’s important to match a photo canvas to the size and colors of the room. The bigger the room is, the bigger canvas can be applied. Bright and spacious rooms can be confidently decorated with a bigger photo canvas with an interesting and colorful landscape or other type of view. If, for our disposal, we have a wide wall that instead of a TV or a wardrobe has, for example, a table placed in front of it, you can apply to it a photo canvas in form of a diptych or a triptych. It’s an image divided into two or three parts (you can even go with more!), that can have various sizes and still create a perfect composition. This type of decoration will fit living rooms with wide, big walls. It surely don’t fit narrow kitchens of small bathrooms. Unless we choose a mini version, but that would require to think very carefully about the character of an image.

Sea canvas art
Sea canvas art - myloview.com, visualisation prepared by: Ewelina

I want to get a photo canvas, but I don’t know which one to choose
- how do I do it?

Simple - it’s best to look for inspiration online. In Myloview store we can find plenty of interesting designs. Photo canvas print can also depict our own photographs. A high, photographic quality will guarantee that a decoration will look excellent. Beautiful outdoor wedding photos will achieve a completely new look. Only a photo canvas on a wall will reflect all of the details and vivid colors. Realistic canvases will harmonise with many styles. They will surely fit interiors arranged in a Provencal, minimalistic, retro, boho or Scandinavian style. Depending on colors, it’s important to fit in a perfect landscape. If we have a room arranged in Provencal style dominated by beiges, purples and various shades of pink, a photo canvas with lavender depicting French alleyways during a sunset will be an perfect choice.

Deer canvas print
Deer canvas print - myloview.com, visualisation prepared by: Ewelina

Will a photo canvas look good in a bedroom?

Basically, photo canvases look great everywhere. But it’s important to remember that each room has it’s own character and it should be a leading factor while selecting it’s decorations. It’s obvious that we’ll choose a different canvas print for a living room, a different one for kitchen and a different one for bedroom. Which canvas will be best for a bedroom? Without a doubt, the one with calm colors. But there are some bedrooms with red walls - then we can choose more abstract of modern photo canvas, with a black design. A good choice could be 3D canvas prints. The aforementioned triptych canvases also can perfectly fit into an interior of a bedroom. A good choice for a bedroom could be canvases with floral motifs. It’s a quite unique and neutral design with quite universal color scheme. Also a photo canvas print will fit a bedroom. Photorealistic canvases give a pleasant atmosphere, that’s why bedroom is not the only room they will work great in. They will fit every other interior in your apartment.

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