Nude canvas prints: a bold interior decoration

Nudity and it’s place - or rather, an appropriate space for it - is always a quite complicated and delicate subject. It raises many questions: is it appropriate to decorate an apartment with nude wall art? What if children lives there? How will our guests react? Is it polite to have one in a “public” room? There are many difficult questions to answer, that’s why today we’ll concentrate on how - and if - should we use nude canvas prints in decoration of our homes

Erotic canvas printErotic canvas print -, inspiration prepared by: Adam

Nude canvas prints: to undress or not to undress?

Naked human forms, no matter how artistic and subtle they may be, are always a controversial topic in interior decoration. It seems, that it’s one of the decoration that not only make children and teens giggle, but also causes plenty of reaction in adults - often negative ones. Even more so, when the naked body on a canvas isn’t a female one: as much as female nudes are something that we’ve got used to (just take a stroll in any city and look at the billboards - or just go through any magazine!), a male nakedness is still quite an unusual view.

Erotic wall art - only for bedrooms?

Many interior decorators share an opinion, that a golden mean between “shocking with nakedness” in interiors such as living rooms or halls, and completely avoiding nudes, even the artistic ones, is applying this type of decoration in strictly private parts of apartments, such as bedrooms. Even more, since we all know the reason why nude canvas prints seem like a great choice for a bedroom decoration, right? We believe that erotic wall art, especially the one with clearly sexual character, should be separated from the rest. Because as much as being offended by a naked body does seem excessively prudish, especially in the 21st century, erotic scenes are still better to be placed in more intimate parts of an apartment. A lot depends on our guests: we have to ask ourselves if we care more about their comfort, or our…  well, lack of care for social conventions and personal freedom. 

Female nude canvas printsFemale nude canvas print -, inspiration prepared by: Adam

Nude canvas prints vs “naked” pictures

An important aspect that we should take into consideration is the form of our decoration - is it a graphic design or a photograph. Pictures seem worse than drawings, graphics or paintings, and for a very good reason: in their case, the line between a nude and pornography is very blurred. Once again, gender makes a difference: as much as female nude wall art (interestingly enough, both paintings and pictures!) is quite a standardised view, the male ones may still make even the most “liberated” people blush. Where’s the line between porn and erotica, between erotica and just a naked body? For many people visible nipples (in women) and genitals (in both genders) are too much - and that can be taken as a safe indicator of what is ok to be placed in a hall, where we welcome our guests, and what should be banished into a locked bedroom.

Black and white nude canvas printBlack and white nude canvas print -, inspiration prepared by: Adam

So, you’ve decided to hang up some nude wall art...

We know, we’re beating around the bush: why won’t we just tell you where and how to apply nudes? After all, if you weren’t interested, you wouldn’t be reading this text, right? Ok, then. Here it goes - because of reasons, such as tact, the best place for nudes is bedroom: both, because of its character and it’s privacy. A living room, kitchen or any other interior of this sort can be easily decorated with much more subtle images: a good example are abstract and minimalist nude canvas prints, such as sketches or studies of figures or even reproductions of classic art pieces (we hope that those wouldn’t shock anyone!). But placing a female nude wall art with a strong erotic, or even vulgar character, while being perfectly aware that people (or maybe even children) other than the members of our household, who agreed to it, would be forced to look at them… that’s in a very poor taste. We may even say: a low blow...