Music posters in a teenager's room

You must admit that a teenager’s room without any music posters hanging on the walls would look weird, right? Kids love to decorate the walls of their rooms with posters of concerts or the ones that depict their favourite bands. And if they have a good music taste (let’s hope they do!), then why shouldn’t they also learn something about the art of interior design?

The first teenage fascination of the world of music may differ: some change their taste with time, to listen something completely different in their adult life than what they used to listen to as teenagers, and others remain loyal to the bands they loved in their youth. No matter what the future will bring, the interest in music – similarly to all the other passions connected to culture – are worth to be cultivated in a young person. Why not do that by buying a very stylish music wall poster, that will help them to easily decorate their room?

Modern music poster
Modern music poster -, inspiration prepared by: Adam

As many genres, as many designs: choosing a music poster

If you’re planning to gift  your teenage child with a poster, you must remember that – while choosing a design – you cannot follow your own aesthetic (which doesn’t mean that you should give it up completely: more on that later!). No matter how a beautiful a jazz music poster, or two, would look in your child’s room, you must remember that if their favourite music genre is heavy metal, they probably wouldn’t appreciate such gift… Remember, that for a teenager a poster music is not just a decoration: it’s an expression of personal favourites among the field that is always very close to young people’s hearts! So, if you have no idea what kind of music your teenager enjoys, you must catch up: try asking them during a conversation, ask their friends, siblings, or just… eavesdrop. Who knows, maybe you’ll actually like this new singer or a band?

Music poster jazz and rock
Music poster jazz and rock -, inspiration prepared by: Adam

How to apply a music poster?

We, the adults, like more sustainable and functional solutions: that’s why if we were to hang a rock star poster in our own space (or, in any case: in a room that doesn’t belong to a teenager!), we’d do it only after framing it! We’d select the color and design of the frame to make it fit the interior, as well as the image on the poster. The teenager’s room is governed by its own laws: most of the teenage rooms have no space for excessive elegance! That’s why a much better idea would be selecting a unique frame, or even ditching the idea of framing it what so ever, to find much more creative way to hang a poster music.

A minimalistic solution, that will enhance a selected music poster and protect it from staining (what, after all, can come in handy!), is a clip frame. Even if it may seem a bit too formal, it’s worth to select other solutions, such as hanging the illustration with help of a skirt hanger in vintage style (with a wooden clip that can hold the upper part of the decoration), or sticking it to the wall with colourful Washi tape (no worries: they won’t damage the surface!). If that’s not an option, aside of the timeless drawing pins, you can also use blutack.

Music posters for teenagers
Music posters for teenagers -, inspiration prepared by: Adam

By selecting music wall poster, we connect the good sound with the good look

With so many possible solutions in terms of a theme (Which genre? Which band? Or maybe a general music poster with a motif of music notes of instruments?), it’s easy to forget that the poster music is, just like any other poster, a decorative element. After all, it’s important that the design you choose fits the other elements of the decor of a teenager’s room! It’s not worth buying a very dark, climatic poster for a room that is decorated in a light, cheerful style – and vice versa! Pay attention to colors that dominate the poster, if they correspond to the ones in the interior – whether they create a harmony or a contrast. Even the most beautiful music poster (for example, with a favourite musician!) won’t look too good, if it “fights” with other elements of décor. That is why it’s worth to use you’re „adult” expecience in interior decoration while choosing a music wall poster!