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Multifunctional room – how to design a home office in a small living room?

In an ideal world, every remote worker would be able to have a separate office at home, independent of any other interiors. Such an office can be fully customised to make work as efficient and comfortable as possible. More often than not, however, one has to contend with limited space and the only solution is to create a living room office. Nevertheless, this doesn’t necessarily mean that one has to sacrifice the functionality of the office, nor the aesthetics of the day room. All you need is to choose the right furniture and accessories in order to visually distinguish the two areas and to be able to focus on work while sitting at the desk.

Our experts have prepared a few clever tips and tricks to help you incorporate an office into your living room in an effective and practical way. The task is not as difficult as it may seem, so anybody should be able to achieve spectacular effects! Let’s get started!

Black-and-white postersBlack-and-white posters can be used to distinguish your workspace from the rest of the living room (1. Wooden bridge poster, 2. Mountain peak poster) – myloview.com  

Are you looking to decorate a living room office? Check out the ideas straight from Myloview experts

Regardless of the size of your interiors, there are ways to conjure up a small home office in any living room. The secret lies in proper interior design. When working with a small interior, one has to make sure to take full advantage of every centimetre of space. It’s always a good idea to plan the interior design on a piece of paper and test out different possible arrangements of the sofa, coffee table, desk and chest-of-drawers.

There is no one sure-fire solution for designing a living room office. It all depends on the size and shape of the room, as well as the position of the windows. Still, there are a few general rules that one should follow. For instance, it is recommended for the living room desk to face away from the TV. This way, it is easier to stay focused on work even if another person uses the living room.

A Japandi-style landscape canvas printA landscape canvas print can serve as a subtle decorative highlight over the desk – myloview.com

Conjure up a stylish office in your living room and enjoy a comfortable and functional workspace!

Many people argue that an office in a living room makes it difficult to stay focused during working hours. However, if you follow a few simple rules, you can guarantee that the workspace will be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. First and foremost, steer clear of potential distractions. It’s important to avoid cluttering your office space in a living room with unnecessary knick-knack and random objects. Treat the desk as if it wasn’t a part of the living room décor. One exception to this rule are potted plants, since greenery can facilitate focus and improve your well-being.

Make sure to also invest in a comfortable office chair, as back pain is one of the greatest productivity killers for desk workers. Another important rule is to never take work away from the desk. Carrying your laptop and documents from the desk to the coffee table or the sofa will only result in organisational chaos. In order to preserve the functionality of both spaces, there should be a rigid boundary between the office space and the rest of the living room at all times.

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How to design a stylish living room office – inspirations and ideas for interior makeover

In this section, we’ve collected our tips and tricks for designing a functional living room office. The ideas compiled by Myloview experts will tell you what decorative highlights and design aspects to focus on in order to achieve the best results at minimal cost and effort.

Tropical wall muralDecorate the wall opposite your desk with a tropical wall mural that will soothe your eyes without distracting you from work – myloview.com 

  • A workspace by the window

Let’s begin by discussing the best place to put a living room desk. One thing that all experts agree on is that a working area should ideally be located by a window. The benefits of this solution are undisputable and it is definitely worth it to move some furniture around in order to accommodate the desk. This ensures good lighting throughout the day and if there is some greenery outside your window, it will also make it easier to focus. However, don’t forget to also install blinds or hang some thicker curtains for those summer days when the sun is a bit too bright.

  • Corner desk for a small room

If your living room is on the smaller side, consider using a corner desk instead of a traditional one. This will allow you to take full advantage of the limited space. Such desks are available in many different shapes and sizes, so you should easily be able to find a perfect one for your needs. If you use physical books and documents at work in addition to a laptop, make sure to get one with a wider desktop.

  • Elegant takes on office organisation

Every office needs a few organising tools to help one keep track of one’s tasks and deadlines. However, most of the common solutions, like cork boards, can be a bit unsightly, especially if you have to hang them in the living room. To solve this conundrum, we recommend opting for a stylish metal grid (painted black, white or gold), where you can hang memos using colourful clips. The same goes for binders and file organisers. One good idea is to go for a full vintage aesthetic. Retro items are always in fashion, so it should be easy to find a few functional items, perfect for a living room desk.

Abstract bird posterBeautify your workspace with a decorative poster, some fresh flowers and a stylish document tray – myloview.com 

  • Document shelves and cabinets

A well-organised workspace is absolutely essential for any productive living room office. At the very least, the desk itself should be kept neat and uncluttered. The key to success is to have dedicated shelves and cabinets for all types of books and documents and to always put them away at the end of a workday. A pile of papers on the desk will make not just the office space but the entire living room feel more chaotic.

  • A colourful wall in your office

Another interesting idea to differentiate the office space from the rest of the room is to paint the wall by the desk a pleasant, pastel colour. Depending on the colour scheme of the other walls, you can go for sage green, powder pink, beige or baby blue. And if you don’t feel like repainting the wall, you can always use a gorgeous wall mural instead. We recommend natural designs in particular.

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  • Separate the office from the living room

Changing the colour of the walls is just one way to divide a living room into different functional areas. If you value privacy during working hours, you can consider erecting a physical barrier. You can go for a wooden or glass partition. However, another interesting idea is to use a folding screen or even an etagere bookcase, which you can also use to store documents.

  • Stylish decorations over the desk

What else do you need to complete the look of your living room office? If you want to make the space cosier and more stylish, you can add a few elegant wall decorations, such as posters or canvas prints. Choose 2 or 3 poster designs and hang them next to one another to conjure up a gorgeous black-and-white diptych. You can also opt for a single large format canvas print with a design that references your profession, favourite art style or passion for travel.

Hanging leaves wall muralNatural motifs are a tried and tested recipe for a perfect space for both work and relaxation – myloview.com 

Helpful tip

Our experts remind that a living room desk doesn’t necessarily need to resemble a typical one commonly found in offices or classrooms. If you only use a laptop for work and you don’t need a wide desktop or drawers to store documents, you can just as well use a stylish table that will take up less space.

Now you know how to conjure up a stylish office space in the living room and enjoy a workspace that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing

This concludes our collection of practical tips for designing a home office in a living room. We hope that you’ll be able to create a space that’s practical and conducive to productivity without disrupting the décor of your living room. Don’t forget that you can complete your décor using wall decorations from Myloview, including gorgeous posters, canvas prints and wall murals, so that your workspace is as comfortable and eye-pleasing as possible. If we inspired you to embark on an interior makeover of your own, we keep our fingers crossed for amazing effects!

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