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Living room wall stickers – TOP 8 designs from Myloview

Just like fine jewellery can complete an outfit, wall decorations can enhance the charm of any interior. If you’ve been looking for a way to refresh the look of your living room without a costly and time-consuming renovation, the answer is right here – use decorative wall stickers. Within minutes, your interior will look fresh and elegant and you’ll be able to lean back and enjoy the effects.

In this article, we showcase the advantages of using wall stickers for a living room, we present the bestselling designs and we provide helpful tips and hints on how to choose the right patterns for different occasions. We guarantee that conjuring up a breath-taking interior can be a piece of cake!

Pastel roses sticker
The subtle flower design will highlight the light, feminine character of your flat – myloview.com

See what makes living room stickers so special

As a modern decorative solution, living room wall stickers have many advantages, but 4 things in specific immediately come to mind.

Firstly, they are a quick recipe for revamping an interior. There’s no need to repaint the walls, replace furniture or remove tiles to make your home look fresh. All you need to do is find the right place for the sticker and order a design you find appealing.

Secondly, wall stickers are very easy to install. Without the need for paint or wallpaper paste, you don’t have to worry about making a mess, so there’s no need to cover the floor or furniture with foil. The only tool you need to install a sticker is a soft squeegee to apply pressure evenly across the decorated surface.

Minimalist abstraction sticker
This navy blue sticker with an abstract design will appeal to all fans of modern, daring décor – myloview.com

Thirdly, the number of available designs is truly incredible. You’ll definitely be able to find the desired pattern in the vastness of our online catalogue. You don’t have to worry, even if your interior follows an unusual style or motif.

Finally, living room wall stickers can be used to decorate any flat surface – the space over a sofa, a chest-of-drawers, behind a wall planter, right below the ceiling or even in wall moulding. You choose the size of the sticker yourself, so the design doesn’t necessarily have to cover the entire wall.

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What to consider when choosing living room wall stickers?

Before you start perusing online catalogues in search of your favourite designs, there are three aspects to consider. To start with, the sticker you choose should ideally match the style of your interior. Subtle line art designs will look amazing in minimalistic interiors, while glamour-style patterns will be better for classy, elegant spaces. Following this simple rule will ensure that your living room feels harmonious.

Next, it’s important to pay attention to the colour scheme. There are two ways to go about it. You can either choose expressive, colourful living room wall stickers that liven up the décor or opt for more subtle designs that will complement the existing colour scheme. Finally, when choosing the decorations, it’s always a good idea to lean on one’s passions and interests.

Living room wall stickers – TOP 8 designs for interior makeover

When selecting the best living room sticker designs, our experts have searched for inspiration all over the world. They found it in the distant Japan, exotic nature, cartography and the fashionable Boho style. Thanks to the large variety of designs, you’ll surely find a wall decoration that can highlight the beauty of your unique interior.

  • World map

When compiling the list of the top 8 sticker designs, our experts wanted decorators to find inspiration in their own passions. That’s why the first decorative idea in our ranking is a world map sticker that is sure to appeal to all avid travellers. Since this design is quite big, it will take up a large portion of a wall. For smaller interiors, we recommend choosing a more subtle version in a pastel or greyscale colour scheme. This way, the sticker will harmoniously blend in with the rest of the décor without dominating it. Another great option is a minimalistic version of the map without labels.

Map sticker
This map sticker will showcase your passion for exploring the most distant parts of the world – myloview.com

  • Painterly abstraction

If you’re looking for a timeless decorative accent that will always look stylish and beautiful regardless of the current passing trends, go for an artistic, colourful abstraction. A design depicting free lines swirling around seemingly random splatters of colourful paint will work wonders in both minimalistic and glamour-style interiors.

Since this design is very eye-catching, it’ll look best in nondescript interiors that lack a bit of character. You can also match the colours of the design with the colours of textiles in your interior.

Abstract composition sticker
The abstract, pastel design will be a great choice for a minimalistic, glamour-style interior – mylowiew.com

  • 3D pattern

If you wish to decorate a larger surface, we definitely recommend using 3D living room wall stickers, which can create optical illusions and visually enlarge smaller interiors. You could, for instance, go for a spatial, geometric pattern. We’re particularly fond of mosaic designs, featuring irregular, collapsing or protruding elements.

Depending on the style of your interior, you can use designs imitating various materials: a faux concrete mosaic in industrial interiors, marble in glamour spaces and wooden blocks in eco-style rooms.

  • Flowery garland

Floral motifs are famously universal and they can be used to decorate interiors in many different styles. The design selected by our experts is unique for two reasons. Firstly, it imitates a beautiful, watercolour painting. Watercolours always look very subtle, which makes the sticker a perfect choice for minimalistic and romantic décor.

Secondly, the design depicts a long flower garland and it’s intended to decorate the space right below the ceiling. If you already have paintings, photos or posters on your walls, this sticker won’t clash with them but highlight their charm instead. It’s also a fantastic solution for decorating interiors with high ceilings, as the design will tie the space together and make it feel cosier.

Flowers and leaves sticker
This subtle, tropical pattern will be a wonderful decoration for the upper part of a wall, over the dado – myloview.com

  • Japandi-style landscape

Speaking of artistic designs, our experts have prepared another interesting idea in this category. It’s a 3D living room wall sticker in the Japanese style, depicting a picturesque Asian landscape. One of the most popular recent trends in interior design has been the Japandi style, which combines elements of Scandinavian minimalism with designs inspired by the culture of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Another advantage of this design is that the spatial motif will visually enlarge smaller interiors, similarly to the aforementioned 3D stickers.

  • Boho accents

The Boho aesthetic is a perfect match for any interior inspired by the natural world and ecological solutions. It works wonders when paired with fashionable natural materials and textiles. Our experts have selected a design depicting two hands holding a planet. This cosmic, magical composition will be an amazing source of unique atmosphere for any living room, especially if you combine it with a wicker armchair, macrame on the walls and a beige sofa.

  • Tropical leaves

A simple wall sticker can also take you on a journey to the most exotic parts of the world – that is if you choose a design with tropical leaves. It has been in fashion for quite a while now to introduce into interiors as much greenery as possible, often in the form of potted plants. It’s definitely a wonderful way to feel a bit closer to nature, especially if one happens to live in a concrete jungle. A sticker with palm fronds, fern or Swiss cheese plant leaves will be a great way to complete such an interior. Even a single, large leaf over the sofa will greatly enhance the atmosphere of the interior. It’s a great choice for eco, Boho and urban jungle interiors!

  • Geometric composition

If you’re looking for an interesting wall decoration to hang over your living room sofa, we recommend a composition of geometric figures. The more colourful and expressive the design, the more dynamic and lively your interior will feel. It’s a very original decorative solution that will allow you to conjure up a truly unique décor.

The design is simple enough that it won’t overwhelm your living room, even if it’s relatively small. And if you’re looking to decorate a spacious interior, you can always use two matching designs and install them on opposite walls.

Have you chosen the best living room wall stickers for your interiors?

Now you know how to quickly revamp your current living room décor. Living room stickers with geometric, floral or abstract motifs will help you instantly refresh the look of your interiors. Every design featured in this article comes in several variants, so make sure to check out all available options in our catalogue at Myloview.com