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White peonies sticker

White peonies sticker

Photo number: #292471715
Material: Classic Sticker
Dimensions: 30 x 30 in (width x height)
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Floral décor all around

Our floral stickers are timeless and universal decorative solutions. They work wonders in all kinds of interiors, including living rooms, bedrooms and hallways. What’s more, they match both modern and traditional décor styles.

The sticker’s unusual round shape is also its greatest advantage. It’s a reference to round artworks called tondos, which were particularly popular during the Renaissance. The soft edges of the circle contribute to the subtle character of the design by limiting the space it takes up. For the same reason, round stickers are a great choice for smaller interiors. The pastel, purple shade of peonies will add some colour to your bedroom décor without overwhelming it. Depending on your preferences and the layout of the room, you can install the wall decorations over a bed, a bedside table or a vanity. However, bedroom décor is just one of many possible options for this design. Peonies will also look wonderful in a child’s room, over a sofa in a living room, by the dining room table or over a chest-of-drawers in a hallway, where they will welcome any and all guests.

Floral stickers can additionally be used to decorate furniture. There are a lot of possibilities here as well. If you order two of the same design, you can stick them symmetrically on wardrobe doors. This will certainly make a nondescript piece of furniture more unique. The same goes for a TV cabinet. Alternatively, you can cut one round sticker in half and decorate a double door cabinet so that the design is complete when the doors are closed. Larger stickers can even be cut in stripes to decorate every drawer of a chest-of-drawers. This solution looks very stylish in modern, romantic or Scandinavian bedrooms. It can also be used in less common décor styles, such as eco, Boho or glamour.