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White orchid mural

White orchid mural

Photo number: #68439832
Material: Vinyl wall mural
Dimensions: 40 x 40 in (width x height)
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A mystical plant, an orchid wall mural

For centuries, the Orchidaceous family has been appreciated not only for their exotic, breath taking beauty. It was also believed that they have a great power, that’s why they’ve been used as one of the most popular aphrodisiac in antiquity. Satyrion, as orchids have been called in the past, was used to produce beverages and spices for private, as well as government’s purposes - during holidays and religious rituals. Whether or not we believe in the wonderful power of orchids, a mural with a white orchid will be a great decoration of every bedroom.

Orchid mural is a great idea for a bedroom decor. If you’re a fan of minimalistic interiors and toned colors, you don’t like unnecessary accessories and you prefer to use one dominating decorative element, then a bedroom mural with a cream-colored orchid with thick background of leaves will be the best choice. Expressive, strong colors such as green, navy blue and purple, the original shape of orchid’s leaves and a wide selection of designs will make your bedroom turn into a tropical land where you will always have exotic dreams! But, if you prefer more of a delicate decorations, you will certainly like a bedroom mural with a single orchid branch on a neutral background.

An orchid mural is a great and universal decoration is not a decoration just for flower enthusiasts. A wide selection of designs and colors make them a perfect decor element for every type of interior. White orchid mural will harmonise a living room full of colors and patterns . A macro photography depicting an orchid in an expressive, blue-pink color will perfectly enliven a spacious hall. On the other hand, a mural with an orchid floating on a water surfacewill be a great solution for bathrooms.