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Wall mural blue roses

Wall mural blue roses

Photo number: #187870627
Material: Vinyl wall mural
Dimensions: 100 x 100 in (width x height)
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Blue roses?We’re doing our best to surprise you!

In the world of interior design nothing is impossible. Every idea you come up with can be incorporated into your décor. Unrestrained creativity and ingenuity are two of the most important qualities needed to create an unrivalled interior. So why exactly did we decide to go with a deep blue rose design this time? Roses are known for their universal, timeless character and they have always been a safe choice for making a room appear more elegant. But why didn’t we choose white, red or tea roses? Well, because we still want our interiors to look original. This choice of colour will ensure that your space doesn’t become monotonous. The deep blue shade of these roses is also our response to Classic Blue, the colour of the year chosen by the US Pantone Institute. 

Wall murals with blue roses? All right, but what other colours can this design be combined with? In order to find the answer to this question, let’s take a look at this year’s trends. Navy blue can for instance be matched with shiny, golden details. This combination will be a source of unparalleled elegance in your interior. Golden elements, such as lamps, coffee tables, candleholders and vases, should ideally have  minimalistic designs so that the interior doesn’t look too pompous. The deep blue roses are a very expressive design so you can safely let it play the first fiddle in your décor.

As we’ve just demonstrated, blue rose wall murals work wonders in elegant décors. But are there any other spaces where they could be used? We also recommend this design for minimalistic living rooms dominated by light colours, such as broken white, cream and grey. You’ll be able to instantly refresh the look of the interior without introducing complex decorations or replacing furniture. Another wonderful idea is using the motif to conjure up a romantic bedroom décor. Simply combine the deep blue roses with a few Cloud Pink accents, such as a lamp, bedspread or rug. You’ll see that everything in your cosy bedroom will suddenly look more… rosy!