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Volcano eruption canvas print

Volcano eruption canvas print

Photo number: #113438515
Material: Canvas Print
Dimensions: 30 x 20 cm
15,70 USD
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Majestic, volcanic beauty

The world of nature is full of mesmerizing phenomena. A volcanic eruption is undoubtedly one of them – a true display of nature’s power in its purest form. A canvas print depicting a scene as unique as this one attracts the eye and intrigues while at the same time livening up its nearest surroundings.

A photograph of a volcanic landscape is without a doubt a decoration that stands out from the rest. It can be used to great effect in spaces of vastly different styles. We can usually customize canvas prints to match various interiors and this case is no exception. The volcanic theme goes beautifully with a modern aesthetic – and with many others – in which light colored furniture and open spaces run the show. To maintain design cohesion, one should refrain from using additional decorative elements such as frames. The raw majesty of nature requires no embellishments and it is in precisely this form that it looks the most attractive. A canvas print featuring an exceptional volcanic eruption is all that is needed to impart a one-of-kind look to any room you choose.

One shouldn’t forget about the importance of the color scheme of this particular print. All those who follow fashion trends surely already know that Living Coral was chosen (by The Pantone Institute) as 2019’s color of the year – a lively shade of pink inspired by corals. The tones found in the canvas print proposed here fit nicely into current trends. If you don’t want to be left behind, do not fear – all you need to do is select the proper canvas print. Thanks to the special nature theme of the print we’re recommending here, you can get a unique combination of colors: pink and grey-blue.