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Vintage flower sticker

Vintage flower sticker

Photo number: #153589710
Material: Classic Sticker
Dimensions: 100 x 100 in (width x height)
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A cotton field at night – an unusual and unique interior accent in the form of an artistic vintage sticker

Furniture stickers can serve many functions, and though they're mainly used to beautify and rejuvenate time-worn objects, they can do much more than just that. You can use stickers to highlight certain aspects of your arrangement or make it more harmonious overall. For instance, a dark vintage sticker depicting cotton could bring more balance into a minimalist room dominated by whites. If you like experimenting, you can put a sticker on the frame of an abstract, unicolored painting. Your visitors will certainly appreciate the originality of that solution, which makes you wonder whether a frame can complement a work of art and have an influence on its reception. Flowery decorative stickers are suitable for many interior design styles, e.g.:

  • the romantic style,
  • boho chic,
  • the Scandinavian and minimalist styles,
  • some glamour arrangements
  • the industrial and loft styles,
  • and the classic style.

Cotton flower stickers feature expressive, contrastive colors (white, beige and black, as well as navy blue), which makes them perfect for large interiors. However, they can also work well in smaller, brighter rooms, as the floral motive is relatively small too. These types of decorations balance out bright spaces which use several sources of light, such as lamps, chandeliers, and spot lighting. They can also serve as an expressive, contrastive accent. Furniture stickers are a great pick for many types of interiors including: living rooms, bedrooms, and home offices.

The color scheme used in the design corresponds to the most fashionable colors of the season, from Living Coral, through bottle green, all the way to maroon. Beige is commonly associated with wood, which makes the stickers an incredible way to complement a room dominated by wooden furniture. Decorative stickers with cotton flowers are universal, as whites and beiges are very often used to decorate living rooms. That's exactly why this floral decoration is so easy to match with other interior design elements.