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Urban jungle mural

Urban jungle mural

Photo number: #76952808
Material: Vinyl wall mural
Dimensions: 100 x 100 in (width x height)
131,18 USD
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The many forms of an urban jungle

A jungle-like wall mural will make it possible to feel as though you’re deep in the bosom of nature – without leaving the center of town. Greenery calms and relaxes us, even if we’re just talking about a wall decoration. A decoration of this type is perfectly suited for office buildings, where it creates an atmosphere conducive to rest. Such a wall mural can also be used in the home environment, particularly in a place where we usually indulge in the sweet pleasure of laziness. A distinctive decoration like this should only adorn one wall. The others should be painted with a matching color. Most often the best solution is white. The color scheme of the furniture, on the other hand, depends on whether the arrangement of the room is meant to build harmony or contrast.

Though greenery helps us to relax, a wall mural like this can also electrify. Big leaves in various shades of green look phenomenal, regardless of whether we’re talking about emerald or darker tones. A neutral background will bring out the contours and colors of the mural even more. Such a decoration is distinctive and tends to be the focal point of the interior it’s in. If your goal is to create a harmonious decor, pair the mural with dark furniture, adding accessories in shades of light green. To counterbalance the cool color scheme, go for small, warm accents in orange, red, or violet. In interiors with a contrasting decorative style, the proportions should be reversed – it is the furniture that should align itself with a warm, intense color scheme, while the accessories and other decorations should go with the wall mural.

An urban jungle is perfectly suited for boho or Hawaiian interiors, or for those furnished eclectically. The boho style is distinguished by its diversity and mixing of various colors and patterns where flowers are a frequent motif. Its eclecticism draws from many sources and is inspired by different aesthetics and styles that only seem at first not to go together. The Hawaiian style is distinguished by all that relates to the sun, ocean and exotic vegetation. Designing an interior in this style brings a pleasant, relaxed feel to the space. It is the perfect solution to counter the view of concrete buildings outside the window.