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Sticker exotic leaves

Sticker exotic leaves

Photo number: #184186458
Material: Classic Sticker
Dimensions: 100 x 100 in (width x height)
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Glamour-style exoticism

In the world of interior design, you need truly unique solutions to create an unparalleled décor. One great idea is combining different aesthetics in order to find new and creative ways to use well-known decorative motifs. Images of lush, tropical leaves are often associated with the carefree Boho style or urban jungle interiors. However, we decided to incorporate exotic decorative stickers into an elegant living room. The images will become an unexpected accent in a glamour space. They will refresh the stylish interior and make it more fashionable. Floral ornaments are now a hot trend that's gaining popularity by the minute.

What are the other benefits of using decorative stickers? They can help you create a dazzling décor without wasting unnecessary time. What do we mean by that? Using self-adhesive decorations is the fastest and most effortless way to achieve a complete interior metamorphosis. It's a perfect solution for anybody who's inundated with professional and personal responsibilities. The stickers will allow you to save your free time for family and friends. This particular motif will also be a source of natural beauty in your interior. The room will become more cosy and pleasing to the eye – a perfect place to relax among your loved ones.

Eco décors are becoming more and more popular. The leafy motifs are a great reflection of that trend, but there's more to it than meets the eye. The decoration does let you enjoy a beautiful, nature-inspired design but it also allows you to upcycle and refresh old furniture, such as a trusty cabinet that has served you for many years. You no longer have to discard functional items when they go out of fashion. The self-adhesive, easy to install sticker will give a new life to a plain, worn out cabinet and become a wonderful addition to your elegant décor.