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Shaded stripes vintage mural

Shaded stripes vintage mural

74,80 USD
Material: Vinyl wall mural
Dimensions: 100 x 50 in (width x height)

Combining differences – a vintage mural with a bit of modernity

Combining two, seemingly ill-fitted textiles, patterns and colors is a great way to create a unique and breathtakingly beautiful interior. For years, fashion designers have been proving that experimenting is a great way of improving a traditional stylizations and common outfits. We can observe the same thing being done by interior designers. Combining classic arrangements with minimalist accessories, or placing antique furniture in industrial interiors, is a bold and very original way to improve a boring interior. 

If you’re on the stage of decorating a modern interior, then a vintage mural should find its place among your inspirations. A colorful wall mural is a great way to add some energy to a monochromatic, toned space. Introducing into your interior various spots of color, that gradually move from brighter to darker shades, will be a strong, expressive element of your living room. A retro stripes mural with color – yellow, orange, pink and purple – will be a great background for modern furniture with chromed elements, concrete walls and simple glass lamps.

Colorful mural is also an interesting option for decoration of a spacy hall. This place, about which we often forget, is a great opportunity for creating a showcase of our apartment of house. An expressive vintage mural will be the first element to be seen after we enter our home. A properly selected one will make our apartment delight us every day anew.

A retro mural with pastel stripes will also be a great solution for our bathroom. There’s a hidden story under the colorful spots. If we look hard enough, we’ll notice that the colorful mural depicts a fishing man in a boat with a thick forest in the background. A river or lake motif will nicely fit a stylish bathroom, with an elegant bathtub on curving legs placed in the middle of the room.